Friday, August 31, 2012

A to Z

A day after my birthday, August 10 to be exact (wow, way long time ago).
I went to A to Z cafe at Aoyama with Patty.
Its a cafe by the famous Japanese artist, Yoshitomo Nara and graf.

Definitely a must visit cafe for all Yoshitomo Nara fans, I spotted many tourists coming here and taking many pictures too :D

Yoshitomo Nara's working desk

with his original sketches

The meal, salmon lunch set. 1000 yen.


Aoyama is located near Omotesando and Harajuku, so we decided to walk there.

Harajuku Takeshita street, as crowded as always.

Harajuku crossing seen from Tokyu plaza rooftop

The creative cat street or ura hara

Ben & Jerry ice cream for free!

There was a gaien mae fireworks festival too that day, we wanted to see a little but didn't want to join the packed crowds so we tried to find far away spots with less people. 

on the 2nd floor of a closed shop, that building blocked the view T.T

We walked a little bit further and watched part of the fireworks here ;)

I can't believe it's already a month since my summer break started, only another month left :(
and I promise to be back blogging soon, before the summer ends, I have to finish blog about all of these:
1. Sunday at Koenji
2. Tsukepasta and Ebisu 
3. Summer at Odaiba
4. etc (lol)

p.s.: I've got a sad news, I failed JLPT N1 T.T 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Birthday Eve

For the past 3 years, I've been spending my birthday abroad.
To be exact in China and Japan and my dream is to spend my birthday in Singapore, since its independence day is on the same day as my birthday!

This year I spent my birthday eve with ohia at Hacienda del Cielo, Daikanyama.
Not my first time to go there, but first time at night. Its always crowded during the day and even more crowded at night. We couldn't reserve on the same day and had to wait for more than an hour before getting seats.

Purikura :D

Daikanyama T square
A very fancy Tsutaya (bookstore and video rental) and next time going there I definitely want to have coffee at the starbucks there!

and at 20.30, we head back to Hacienda del cielo and directly could get a seat.
Those frozen margaritas were yumm and quite strong

The view was so pretty! wish to be able to get the outdoor table next time
(have to reserve few days before probably)

Shops in Daikanyama have such pretty interior and display. Would you believe me if I say that these pictures bellow were taken in London? :p

and I just realized how I can't blog in detail an event happening 2 weeks ago since I have no fresh memories in my mind. I have to try to blog quicker and more often @.@

Half of my summer break has over, so far I think I've been being productive and that makes time passes so quick and I'll be even busier next month! More intern and work next month. Besides that I have another internship interview this Friday (I hope I can get it and be even busier :p ) and an extra 2 day short part time job (which I applied with Sheng but ended up doing it alone T.T) .

Hard to believe that right after the summer ends I'll be a senior


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shopping time

Week 3 of Summer break. I'm still enjoying it very much.
I feel so bad at playing too much and spending too much money though.
So far, I fail at finding new baito or intern T.T hope to find some soon.

and I feel like an adult this year since I'm not missing home as much as before.
I only got homesick once, on my birthday :)

Alright! It's time to blog

Right a day after I came back from the summer camp

Friday, August 3
went shopping with a friend to Harajuku and Shibuya

yummyyy gyoza on the back street of Harajuku

My first Starbucks in glasses :)

The cat street


Got myself a shorts

Saturday, August 4

had work in the morning, it was hard.
I needed to bring the huge buffet table to the storage room and the tables I was assigned for in the ball room was far from the door. I felt so useless and physically weak, feeling so bad for other co workers...

Got muscle ache all over my body on the next day. I felt like quiting but I musnt't, yet.

Coz I was so stressed after work, decided to stop by Shinjuku to shop. Retail therapy is cheaper than psychiatrist. hehe

Sunday, August 5

My first day of interning on campus. All I did was ushering people ( high schoolers and parents) who were coming for my department's guidance. Also to give direction and answering their little questions.

Expensive bento I got from school

Very cute name tag strap. I love my uni for this :D

Monday, August 6

Ohia was back in Japan for a week summer class and then afterwards she'll go back to Korea for a year exchange.
Went for drinks and late night snacks with her at Cotton Club, Takadanobaba. 

Fries were yumm but should had ordered another drink lol


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer camp

Hello! it has been so long since the last time I blogged, hasn't it?
I'm back from summer camp more than a week ago but I was so in holiday mood (including holiday of blogging) that I never blogged and when I realized I had so many things to blog, I became even lazier.

I would so recommend you to follow my instagram, only if you wish though :)

Here I am forcing myself to blog before sleeping ;) I'm gonna divide what has happened in these past 2 weeks in many blog posts, I think.

First, the English summer camp I went last time.
It was tiring, but also so much fun (esp coz I was getting money) hehe
The Japanese kids hardly could understand and speak English but I was not supposed to speak in them in Japanese... It was kinda hard to communicate... but again, it was still fun :D


First day.
we arrived at Nasu, Tochigi prefecture. Around 3 hour drive from Tokyo.

Good night

Second day.
The longest day of the camp. We went hiking at the morning on this day.

5.20 AM!!
I loveee nature

long, shaking bridge. Some kids were afraid to cross, some kids were too excited till they jumped all along the bridge and made it even more shaky. 

Bento during the hike

Third day.
We went to Tobu zoo at Saitama before heading home

Penguin! one of my fave shot ;D

feeding time

it was at noon and very hot. most of the animals were sleeping

a very beautiful sunflower field!

Tobu zoo and amusement park

going home

btw, I turned 21 two days ago! :)
I can't believe how fast time flies



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