Sunday, April 29, 2012


Daikanyama is known for a place of trendy shops and cafes. It is only a station away from Shibuya, but unlike the crowded Shibuya, it has many cute little shops and relaxing atmosphere.

What I wore that day

Dress: from Thailand. For Indonesians, you can buy it from here
Lace baseball jacket: from China
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Longchamp 

What Patty wore. I'm not sure what brand she's wearing XD

I love this picture of her !

us us

The fancy new Tsutaya bookstore or known as Daikanyama T site (you can see our reflection in this pic)

Funny face


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hacienda del cielo, Daikanyama

Went to Daikanyama today with Patty to celebrate the beginning of Golden week by having good food :)
Patty & I was craving for mexican food and we decided to go to Hacienda del cielo at Daikanyama. Place that I was always wanting to go to after reading these reviews; here and here (both are my fave Tokyo's food blogs :D )

Outfit of the day, wearing wedges still hurt :(

I was gonna go to Shibuya by the subway, but on my way to the station. I saw a bus going to Shibuya. I've never taken that bus before and thought that it would be nice to ride as for me, bus ride is always more interesting than taking the metro (I love to see the scenery out there from the window). Apparently the bus took more time to get to Shibuya and I was late for an hour than our meeting time :(
Sorry Patty!!!

I was lost while looking for the restaurant and found this cute poster on the vending machine.

According to Patty who came first, the restaurant was crowded and she needed to queue for while. The line was moving quick though!

The menu, it was Saturday so they have the holiday lunch set

Nice terrace seats! and that was a free little glass of sangria with herb tea that I ordered

Platillo. Tuna and soup. I loved the soup

The main dish and Avocado shrimp salad

Echiladas. My first time having it and it was good!! :)

Patty's meal, chicken tacos plate


with our big lunch

The set came with this chocolate nut dessert, yummy!

The bar, I'm loving the atmosphere of this place

The kitchen

We were so full after the lunch. I love mexican food and I love this place, will definitely go back :)

We took a walk around afterwards

Big hair poodle!

I have more photos of Daikanyama and another review of a famous cake shop. Will blog about them later, in another post!! :)


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Golden week

Golden week is starting next Monday. Basically golden week is a set of public holidays in a week. One of the biggest Japan's holiday season. I will surely enjoy the one week holiday, but it's going to be crowded everywhere T.T (esp the tourists' spots)

I still got no particular plan besides lunch appointments with some friends though. But I really really want to go see the shibazakura (sakura bushes) in Saitama!!!!!!!! :) Hopefully I can find some companions to go with! 

My red red outfit yesterday
Genmaicha, my caffeine source that day.
All the sakura has gone, the trees are green now :) 
Huge Siberian Husky!!!!!!
The founder of Sony
drew it during the Japanese class when I was supposed to read and listen...

Lazy school outfit for today

Went to a library which undegrads can't go in without filling a special form.
There was no people besides me, I could smell the old books' smell and hear the sound of the aircon.
 it was cool & creepy at the same time (but still not as creepy as the basement floor of central lib).
Try to do this Peko chan's pose, it's harder than it seems.
And I seriously don't know how the Japanese talent, Lola can still look so cute while doing this

The limited edition of Milky :D
My dinner today, Chicken Veggie mie sua
I basically just mixed everything and it tasted good as always!

and last, the food I had have at home:

Spicy curry rice

Shirokuma parfait, I wish they put more fruit topping!

Smiley pumpkin stew

The pumpkin stew leftover man XD


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Hello! I have been busy these week, busy of going to the library, socializing and getting enough (beauty) long sleep every single day.

here is the sum up of what I've been doing these past few days :3


My breakfast, can you see the pooh head? 

I only have one class on Thursday but I met up with Sheng afterwards at the Okuma garden.

It was a gloomy day. It has been gloomy these days and too cold for spring! :(

Saw those to crows in progress of making nest


The garden

Somebody was playing guitar


Took all the photos above while waiting for Sheng to come

Passed by a little park on my way home and all the flowers were blooming!

I went out again for dinner with Sheng and Oheea (not real names :p)


I spent the day at the library and going to the school's annual health check up afterwards. I found out that I had lose some weights! Or maybe it because I haven't had lunch when I did the check up. 

I was not planning to go out that day, but Oheea suddenly texted me asking to go out for a shabu shabu dinner with her and her friends that I didn't know. Unfortunately the shabu shabu restaurant was full so we headed to Lock Up, a Jail themed Izakaya. It was my first time going there and it was indeed a very interesting experience ;)

The front lady was escorting us to our table by handcuff!

Drinks in the test tubes

The staff dressed up as ghosts and tried to scare us every an hour

The food was normal

Warewolf attack!!!!!


Again yesterday, I was not planning going to go out. But somehow I ended up going to a so-called-goukon (It was more like an ordinary nomikai than a goukon though). I spent hours in the library before going but I still haven't found any good sources yet T.T

My lunch; Homemade Curry Udon

Shinjuku station as crowded as usual

hmmm, actually I didn't take any pictures during the so-called-goukon but let's steal some from facebook!!!


Tada! here it is!
Almost everyone was already drunk when I arrived -.-

The background story of the goukon is: My friend's friend's friends from Singapore are visiting Japan and they wanted to experience goukon. I personally wouldn't call it a goukon but still the tourists did think that they had experienced a goukon... which is good!



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