Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Hello! I have been busy these week, busy of going to the library, socializing and getting enough (beauty) long sleep every single day.

here is the sum up of what I've been doing these past few days :3


My breakfast, can you see the pooh head? 

I only have one class on Thursday but I met up with Sheng afterwards at the Okuma garden.

It was a gloomy day. It has been gloomy these days and too cold for spring! :(

Saw those to crows in progress of making nest


The garden

Somebody was playing guitar


Took all the photos above while waiting for Sheng to come

Passed by a little park on my way home and all the flowers were blooming!

I went out again for dinner with Sheng and Oheea (not real names :p)


I spent the day at the library and going to the school's annual health check up afterwards. I found out that I had lose some weights! Or maybe it because I haven't had lunch when I did the check up. 

I was not planning to go out that day, but Oheea suddenly texted me asking to go out for a shabu shabu dinner with her and her friends that I didn't know. Unfortunately the shabu shabu restaurant was full so we headed to Lock Up, a Jail themed Izakaya. It was my first time going there and it was indeed a very interesting experience ;)

The front lady was escorting us to our table by handcuff!

Drinks in the test tubes

The staff dressed up as ghosts and tried to scare us every an hour

The food was normal

Warewolf attack!!!!!


Again yesterday, I was not planning going to go out. But somehow I ended up going to a so-called-goukon (It was more like an ordinary nomikai than a goukon though). I spent hours in the library before going but I still haven't found any good sources yet T.T

My lunch; Homemade Curry Udon

Shinjuku station as crowded as usual

hmmm, actually I didn't take any pictures during the so-called-goukon but let's steal some from facebook!!!


Tada! here it is!
Almost everyone was already drunk when I arrived -.-

The background story of the goukon is: My friend's friend's friends from Singapore are visiting Japan and they wanted to experience goukon. I personally wouldn't call it a goukon but still the tourists did think that they had experienced a goukon... which is good!



  1. pretty photos ! <3

  2. great photos; especially of the sakura tree and the food!

  3. Japan really looks so good ! ><
    nice pics :D

  4. I always love looking at your posts because I feel that I get to know Japan more and more <3 Love youuu :)

  5. hehehe i would really spill my food if i go to that jail themed restaurant.

  6. The themed restaurant looks like fun! And ..I probably would get scared by the workers there T_T" lolol!

    And ee, I wanna see a full outfit of the polka dot dress!



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