Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

It has been a long time since the last time I blogged! I do miss blogging so much already.
I promised myself to blog right after I get internet connection at my new apartment since I had spent the last month living without internet, so here I am writing :D
I wonder if there are still people reading this blog though...

I just finished the first half of my senior year and it's just hard to believe how time  flies so fast.
I felt like it was just two years ago when I stepped my feet on Japan.

The last few months were probably the busiest ever in my life! School, works, finding new apartment, moving, going back to hometown, preparation for my brother's wedding, etc. I'm on spring break now, no more classes and no more on campus work, plus I stop going to my another part time work in the hotel. But can't really say if I am free as I am doing the whole tough Japanese job hunting thing.

Besides job hunting and final exams, these past few weeks have been good. My mom came to help me moving and right after she went home, my friend came to visit :D

 photo 395436_10200486662957693_1772668889_n.jpg
Rilakkuma at Ikebukuro. Its so short, like 15cm shorter than me, wonder who's inside.

Odaiba's venus fort

Juicy steak at a new restaurant 20 min walk from my house

Must to do thing in Japan; Purikura

and the latest news is that I will most likely start a new blog, hopefully would be more artsy :D
It's new year, I'm using a new macbook pro, just moved to a new apartment and last, bought a new camera! Time to start something new too :D

Canon EOS M. The camera I had always wanted :D
it took awesome photos and can't wait to create a new blog to share them ;)

Happy Chinese New Year and see you!



  1. I'm still reading! hahaha. The rilakkuma is so cute><
    does it mean you will make a new blog?

    1. Thanks for reading and yup I made a new blog already, hope to see you there :D
      Rilakkuma is always cute!!!!

  2. welcome back!!! Sun lee fat choi! hope you're celebrating well!

    i'm looking forward to regular posts from you!

    i'm celebrating 1 year of blogging with a giveaway -

  3. Hi Amelia!!
    You are back~~ yay! Juat like you I finished my first semster of my senior year, but unlike you , it was my high school senior year. But i have to agree you on the time flies part...although i kind of messed up my first semster because of some personal things...anyways i am so glad to hear about your whereabouts~~ i hope we both have a fulfilling second semster! Fighto-o~!!


    1. Sally!! Thanks your comment always makes me happy. SENIOR YEAR! we have to make the most out of it :D

  4. I missed your blog posts! T^T You haven't blogged in so long! I'm glad to hear you have Internet , does this mean more posts :-) Wow half your senior year down already? Time sure does fly o_o I hope you've taken some valuable experiences out of it! I've always felt some sort of 'sympathy' for people in large giant costumes, only because I've been in one myself and it was extremely suffocating and it adds about 10kgs of extra weight onto you! Wow that juicy steak is cooked to perfection, I haven't had a steak in ages! Purikura is quite expensive now here in Sydney, it's about $25 for a session and they always seem to magnify your eyes in such a creepy way haha! But you guys look so picture perfect :-) Oh a new blog? I can't wait, more art! Your camera is very adorable, it almost looks like a lomo camera! Happy Chinese New Year Amelia, I hope the Year of the Snake will be prosperous for you this year :-)

    1. Bambi!! I know I had been to busy to blog and even to use the laptop for other than writing reports lol
      Aww that sounds like a tough job being inside the 10kgs costume, can't even imagine how hot it is in summer.
      Happy late Chinese New Year!! All the best for you this year :D

  5. I'm still reading your blog. Your blog is on my reading feed so when you update, I get your recent posts. Enjoy your spring break. I hope you get the time to relax and have fun.

    1. Thank you for reading :D I'm glad that there are still people who are reading my blog. Have a nice day!

  6. ahhhh really cute rilakuma!
    welcome back to blogging :D hahaha
    enjoying your photos here :)
    happy CNY :D

  7. your blog is amazing ! i love your posts ! following you ! Happy CNY.
    check out my blog and follow me back if you don't mind :)

    a thousand word (blog) | twitter | instagram

  8. wow your life seems so busy! super cute pictures and love the purikura :)

    The DayLee Journal



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