Friday, June 29, 2012


JLPT test in 4 days, I know I have to study but I'm just so good at procrastinating.
For example, like now I am supposed to study but I'm blogging instead. Not forget to mention that I've spend the whole day reading a novel on my iPhone, created a Pinterest account and also edited a short video of my way to Shinjuku -.-;

Saturday, June 23 2012

Just like another Saturday, I had work at Roppongi

Met this huge spider again
And Said hello to the Tokyo Tower

Funny thing happened after work. I was waiting for Sheng who worked an hour longer than me by sitting on a bench of Roppongi hills, near the spider when a white guy in his early 30s I guess came to me.
He asked me whether I know a restaurant which I don't remember it's name in English. I told him if I don't know about it and I thought he was a lost tourist so I offered him to check it with my phone.
He ended up sitting next to me and told me that he was still waiting for his friends to come. He was surprised that I could speak English fairly well and we chatted for few minutes as I had nothing to do as well.


he gave me his business card...

I'm kidding of course it's not that one! that one is the famous meme from the current popular song on Youtube, "Call me Maybe"

anyway that guy was trying to find ways to make me contact him, he also asked me when my friend would come coz he thought I'd like to grab a coffee or something while waiting -.-;

Good that Sheng finally came! So I had an excuse to leave him...

before recording a birthday greeting video for our friend who is in France now

Tsukemen we had at Baba! I love tsukemen more than ramen XD

Sunday, June 24 2012

Went to Asakusa, my fave temple in Tokyo with Patty to pray and check out the Tokyo Solamachi (Where the sky tree is)

I prayed at the temple too and picked up the Omikuji again; got the "small fortune / 小   " which was not bad, I guess :)

Age manju with custard filling, I don't think custard suits age manju...

The world's tallest  broadcasting tower, Tokyo Sky tree is now open.
The Asahi Beer building, used to be the main landmark of Asakusa before Sky tree was there.
An ojisan offered to take pictures of us, why not? :D

The new tobu station

Rillakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiirotori x Sky tree !

Fat totoro!

Patty and I with tototo, but it was too fat so only one of his eyes can fit ;)

Smiling curry rice I made 2 days ago and I had been having it for 3 days in row as I cooked a lot.

The reason why I love Summer more than winter is that the day is longer.
It feels so great to go home after school when it's still bright outside :)

A bulding and cresent moon bokeh.

Fave quote from my current read: The Perks of being a Wallflower.

Sakuranbo! Japanese cherry :)

and last,
I posted a new project on 

My very first video blog on my way to Shinjuku :)
I will be very happy if you are willing to watch it

Making video is fun! I think I'm gonna try make more from now on


Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday at Sweet Paradise

Hello! It has been a while isn't it? I noticed that I haven't blogged for more than a week when I moved the pictures from my iPhone to my PC. I know it is bad not to blog but I have been very busy and lazy indeed. lol

Even now, I'm struggling writing the first draft of my thesis introduction which I have to submit in 15 hours!! I'm still on my first page and have to write at least 4 pages O.O I hope I can finish it soon and have time to go to bed.

I'll blog quick!

I went to Shinjuku for my junior's birthday last Sunday.

Outfit of the day, green!
It was the father's day!

Elmo sales man talking to a couple ;) jk of course the elmo can't talk. But so adorable, ain't it?

"the runner dog" in the middle of Shinjuku

It was hot and sunny that day!

Actually we planned to to Bitter Sweet, a sweet buffet restaurant on the top of Lumine Est but apparently it was full, we needed to wait for more than an hour and it wasn't possible for all of us, 8 people to sit in the same table. So we decided to go to Sweet Paradise, a cheaper sweet buffet.

Their sweets are okay but don't expect much for other food.

the birthday girl on the left

Group picture, there was a kind lady who offered to take a pic of us :)

We went to game center afterwards to take purikura and try our luck and skill on UFO catcher. One of us got one doll and the staff lady there gave us some vouchers of free tokens!

Playing with the free tokens

We ended up losing everything after an hour lol

the purikura


Alright! I have to go back writing my thesis. I might blog again about my weekends in few days!
Have a great Monday :D


Friday, June 15, 2012

The beginning of rainy season

Rainy season has started here in Tokyo!
I don't hate rain but I hate going out on rainy days :(

this post is a sum up of what I've been doing for this week :D

I remember exactly it was raining when I had this chicken rice at Singapura cafe  in Roppongi.
It tasted awesome as I was craving for it and was tired after working.
many many many rainy days
I went to library a lot these days, to study for JLPT! XD


Rare pretty sunny sky!

Rainy season's flower; hydrangea!

I doodle when I am bored...

Today, had catching up lunch with Nayo at a cafe near my school, Cat's cradle.
I was so hungry that I forgot to take picture of my lunch :(

A cup of cappucino

I was talking to Nayo about how I never had an art caffe latte and I was playing with my cappucino to make one ;)

a sad face

So many travel books :)
Many people in the cafe are studying alone inside! loving the shop's atmosphere

Another friend came for lunch but Nayo had to go for class leaving us.
The another friend needed to kill 3 hours before going somewhere. So we took a walk around to take pictures.

The waseda bear is wearing new shirt!!:)
Passed this shrine
What I love the most in rainy season is definitely Hydrangea!:)

Brownies and a bottle of ginger ale at a cafe up on the hill.

It's going rain for almost the whole week tomorrow! then summer eventually will come...

I just posted a new project on my project blog!! Looking forward to see you there!!


Friday, June 8, 2012

One fine day in Shinjuku

My class yesterday was canceled, I have no class today and no class for next Monday. Which means I have a very long weekend ;)

I was in Shinjuku the whole day today! I know I've been to Shinjuku too much but Shinjuku is my fave place to hang out! (one of the biggest reason must be coz it's close to where I live, easy access to get there! XD)

OOTD: summer outfit! it was the hottest day of the year today

After IPL treatment at a salon in Shinjuku (I missed the bus for few minutes and was late for the appointment  for 15 minutes -.-;),  I met up with Patty who I haven't met for weeks!! XD

Had this set of meal at Ootoya

After an hour more eating and catching up, we went for Karaoke

Patty looks younger with her new bangs :D

I'm in love with the room's vintage flowery wallpaper and red sofa!

Japanese karaoke isn't complete without singing AKB48's songs

Had my junior's birthday dinner at Lock up, the jail themed izayaka afterward.
My second time coming to this crazy themed izakaya (I went to different branch tho) so I wasn't as excited as before. But it was still indeed interesting!! :)

Greeted by a vampire

The alcohol in the tube tests. Some of them taste really bad XD

The pink drink with cotton candy was the best! 

We had the party all you can drink course and this was the caesar salad!
The monsters are coming out! :D

Hello! SCREAM!!

and one of them is bringing cake for the birthday boy!

The Indonesian gang


My junior is living in the dorm I used to live and there were bunch of people from that dorm too at his birthday party. It was interesting to get to know them and to hear a lot of the stories about their dorm life. It seems like the dorm I used to live isn't the same anymore. As there are hardly people I know who are still living there (my ex dorm is a dorm only for freshman and sophomore, you have to move out after the 2nd year). The dorm is just a building, what creates the atmosphere are people who are living in there :)
I haven't visited my ex dorm yet ever since I moved out. But I'm pretty much sure if I were visiting, it would bring me nostalgia yet I would feel like a stranger.

Anyway I had lots of fun today for the whole day!! :D 

Hmmm.. I'm so nervous for work tomorrow, double shifts, double weddings and I don't know whether my arms have the power to bring super heavy trays and plates for 8 hours. I'm really afraid of causing trouble... But I can't do nothing but trying my best.

Wish me luck! good night :D



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