Friday, June 15, 2012

The beginning of rainy season

Rainy season has started here in Tokyo!
I don't hate rain but I hate going out on rainy days :(

this post is a sum up of what I've been doing for this week :D

I remember exactly it was raining when I had this chicken rice at Singapura cafe  in Roppongi.
It tasted awesome as I was craving for it and was tired after working.
many many many rainy days
I went to library a lot these days, to study for JLPT! XD


Rare pretty sunny sky!

Rainy season's flower; hydrangea!

I doodle when I am bored...

Today, had catching up lunch with Nayo at a cafe near my school, Cat's cradle.
I was so hungry that I forgot to take picture of my lunch :(

A cup of cappucino

I was talking to Nayo about how I never had an art caffe latte and I was playing with my cappucino to make one ;)

a sad face

So many travel books :)
Many people in the cafe are studying alone inside! loving the shop's atmosphere

Another friend came for lunch but Nayo had to go for class leaving us.
The another friend needed to kill 3 hours before going somewhere. So we took a walk around to take pictures.

The waseda bear is wearing new shirt!!:)
Passed this shrine
What I love the most in rainy season is definitely Hydrangea!:)

Brownies and a bottle of ginger ale at a cafe up on the hill.

It's going rain for almost the whole week tomorrow! then summer eventually will come...

I just posted a new project on my project blog!! Looking forward to see you there!!



  1. Oh hydrangea are really sweet! <3 You're so lucky to discover many of them ^^

  2. love the Hydrangeas!!!! :D
    or I just love Tokyo actually haha!

    p.s. who will sing the adv song for Waseda this year? will it be v6 again? I definitely love Honey Beat, Spirit and Catch X*


    1. I don't think Waseda University has any kind of ads using pop singers... Are you talking about the Waseda academy preparation school? :)

    2. err, I don't know.. I just know that Waseda has CM songs sung by v6 xD but maybe that's the one ^^

  3. i always look forward to your pictures! love the pic with the bear

    hope your project is coming along well x

  4. your posts always makes me so happy. idk if it's because you're writing this whole thing from japan or something else.

    ohhh and yesh rainy days are always fun, but only when you're at home. NOT when you're going out!

    And your library looks nice... oh and those are my favorite flowers! i found out that they're SUPER easy to take care of! and they're pretty :]

    have a wonderful weekend!

    btw... it's SUPER hot here in LAs vegas... so i wish i was in japan looking at the raindrops.

    1. but you area leaving for LA soon aren't u? ohhh really hydrangea is easy to take care of? no matter how easy it is to take care, I don't think I can keep any flower XD

      have a nice weekend too!!!

  5. Those are pretty pictures you make! Are they instagram?

    1. Most of them are proccessed using other apps first :D

  6. great post!



  7. lovely arts <3
    nice post :)



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