Friday, June 1, 2012

English summer camp

Good evening! :)

I'm still busy with school works as usual. But I chose to blog rather than continuing finding more evidences for my thesis... (I still have few more days before the due date XD)


I have been through a lot of rough times ever since I came back to Japan last March. Although I am generally still happy but I haven't felt extremely happy these days (I'm so sure that I was so much happier last term).
All I can do now is trying to appreciate all the rough things I am facing and had faced than being too depressed and down. There must be some good things waiting for me ahead in the future #positivethinking :D

This is not a picture for today, but around 10 days ago?! XD

I slept at 3 A.M the day before and woke up pretty late today

Lunch: Fried rice, I basically just mixed everything from my fridge

Went to Shinjuku to shop for watch and shoes with Ohia (she was looking for black t-shirt).

The watch I got today. I am needed to wear a watch  for work!!
Although I was told to get a metal watch, this one is cuter. I hope this will do :D

Rainy Shinjuku. It was so sunny and suddenly rain just poured down.
what a weird weather! I can sense the rainy season is coming

I couldn't find the black formal shoes I was looking for in Shinjuku. Parted with ohia as I had to go to Ouji for an English summer camp's captain interview! (another short part time job to do in summer)

Ouji is a suburb located in the north of Tokyo! I do like that place! So different with where I am living now :D

Many high schoolers and old people there

The building where I had interview

I had McD for dinner after the interview to satisfy my french fries craving.
Fast food is only good for the few first bites though...
Ouji is kind old fashioned but pretty much has everything in it :D

On the way home by the tram

Before going home, I finally found a pair of formal black shoes at an old shoe store near the station!
Cheap and comfy, perfect for work :D

I think I spent most of my first day salary to buy them.
Earning money is hard, spending money is easy.

It is great that I appreciate my money more now after knowing how hard it is to earn money, especially by waitressing...
I have work tomorrow! Hope it will be better than last week



  1. I hope you start to cheer up soon Amelia :( Just try to distract yourself and before you know it, it'll consume you with happiness and no troubles! I really love your outfit... because I wore almost the exact same thing last week also! HAHA, but I added burgundy stockings cause it's way too chilly to bare legs now T_T I've been sleeping around 3AM too.. so bad. Darn finals, it's stealing precious sleep! That fried rice looks especially good right now. What a cute watch, it's such a lovely muted shade of pink! I don't see watches as popular as I'd like them to be but I'm glad you're donning one :D Shinjuki seems to have flocks of umbrella-clad people, most individuals here just run from a to b cause opening/closing umbrellas is such a hassle! Do you eat your McD fries with their icecream? It's the most unusual, perfect combination of sweet and warmth. Your formal shoes looks so snuggly! And it's good that they're comfortable, I used to get plenty of blisters in my former pair until I treated myself to new ones! Hope your week is better too!

  2. "I think I spent most of my first day salary to buy them.
    Earning money is hard, spending money is easy."

    -- yes very much agreed!! Hope that you have a better week too!

  3. love your outfit and the new watch ! :)
    Ganbatte for your job :D

  4. Great Pictures!!!
    Liked what to wore in the first picture!


  5. Aah, i always adore all your pictures. They're all simply beautiful! Japan must be really beautiful, right? xx

  6. You're sweet dear! Very Beauty! Now I'm became yours follower on GFC! =) I hope that also you join my blog! I'm italian fashion Blogger... My city is Naples... do you know? =) It's a beautiful city: sun, sea, good people.... ;) I send you a big hug! Kiss Dear! =*

  7. wow! your outfit is very cute *_*
    the pictures looks very interestig and the other post, too <3
    now i am a new follower :3


  8. Very cute watch and shoes.

  9. That's an adorable watch! Ouji looks like a serene neighbourhood, I want to visit! Ahh~~ I can't wait to go to Japan :-)

  10. lovely pictures! <33

  11. I like your blog!



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