Friday, June 8, 2012

One fine day in Shinjuku

My class yesterday was canceled, I have no class today and no class for next Monday. Which means I have a very long weekend ;)

I was in Shinjuku the whole day today! I know I've been to Shinjuku too much but Shinjuku is my fave place to hang out! (one of the biggest reason must be coz it's close to where I live, easy access to get there! XD)

OOTD: summer outfit! it was the hottest day of the year today

After IPL treatment at a salon in Shinjuku (I missed the bus for few minutes and was late for the appointment  for 15 minutes -.-;),  I met up with Patty who I haven't met for weeks!! XD

Had this set of meal at Ootoya

After an hour more eating and catching up, we went for Karaoke

Patty looks younger with her new bangs :D

I'm in love with the room's vintage flowery wallpaper and red sofa!

Japanese karaoke isn't complete without singing AKB48's songs

Had my junior's birthday dinner at Lock up, the jail themed izayaka afterward.
My second time coming to this crazy themed izakaya (I went to different branch tho) so I wasn't as excited as before. But it was still indeed interesting!! :)

Greeted by a vampire

The alcohol in the tube tests. Some of them taste really bad XD

The pink drink with cotton candy was the best! 

We had the party all you can drink course and this was the caesar salad!
The monsters are coming out! :D

Hello! SCREAM!!

and one of them is bringing cake for the birthday boy!

The Indonesian gang


My junior is living in the dorm I used to live and there were bunch of people from that dorm too at his birthday party. It was interesting to get to know them and to hear a lot of the stories about their dorm life. It seems like the dorm I used to live isn't the same anymore. As there are hardly people I know who are still living there (my ex dorm is a dorm only for freshman and sophomore, you have to move out after the 2nd year). The dorm is just a building, what creates the atmosphere are people who are living in there :)
I haven't visited my ex dorm yet ever since I moved out. But I'm pretty much sure if I were visiting, it would bring me nostalgia yet I would feel like a stranger.

Anyway I had lots of fun today for the whole day!! :D 

Hmmm.. I'm so nervous for work tomorrow, double shifts, double weddings and I don't know whether my arms have the power to bring super heavy trays and plates for 8 hours. I'm really afraid of causing trouble... But I can't do nothing but trying my best.

Wish me luck! good night :D



  1. Ah life in Tokyo seems so dreamy...hanging out in Shinjuku, going to karaoke and shopping *o*

    I hope I can exprerience a longterm stay in Tokyo *o*

    I love your outfit soooo cute and fashionable!!♥ I also want to dress mire fashionably T_T

  2. Yay long weekend! I hope you don't have to stay in and study, enjoy the break! Even with the hottest day of the year, you managed to dress and look so cute and composed :3 Don't you love catching up with friends? It makes meals taste that much better, I think! I haven't gone to karaoke in years, I sure miss it :(( The wallpaper IS gorgeous, and the red sofa is just a great addition. Woah, that vampire kinda looks between a cross of a zombie too HAHA, the saggy skin :< I've seen those test tube alcohol shots - and I've heard they taste worse than medicine? Lolol, they sure look pretty though! A drink with cotton candy? I can only imagine how sugary sweet that'd taste! That caesar salad looks particularly appetizing when I'm craving for something crunchy right now.. but it's way past midnight and I must wait for breakfast!!

  3. I must say! I have just come across your blog now and am completely fascinated! Especially about you living in Japan! Are you from there or just currently there for study? I am looking at going back to live next year! Very exciting! Anyway, keep up the beauty of your work!!

  4. ahhh this makes me miss my friends in los angeles. we used to do stuff like these. and then we grew up and went our separate lives! lol...

    anyway, this looks like so much fun! ^__^ you posts always makes me happy !

  5. sounds like a busy schedule! hope you're doing well :)
    I've heard of Lock Up before and I don't think I would
    want to go in there lol XD the vampire is pretty creepy :p

  6. Good luck :D
    Looks like you had a fun time!
    Karaoke looks really fun (especially with AKB48 xD)



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