Friday, June 29, 2012


JLPT test in 4 days, I know I have to study but I'm just so good at procrastinating.
For example, like now I am supposed to study but I'm blogging instead. Not forget to mention that I've spend the whole day reading a novel on my iPhone, created a Pinterest account and also edited a short video of my way to Shinjuku -.-;

Saturday, June 23 2012

Just like another Saturday, I had work at Roppongi

Met this huge spider again
And Said hello to the Tokyo Tower

Funny thing happened after work. I was waiting for Sheng who worked an hour longer than me by sitting on a bench of Roppongi hills, near the spider when a white guy in his early 30s I guess came to me.
He asked me whether I know a restaurant which I don't remember it's name in English. I told him if I don't know about it and I thought he was a lost tourist so I offered him to check it with my phone.
He ended up sitting next to me and told me that he was still waiting for his friends to come. He was surprised that I could speak English fairly well and we chatted for few minutes as I had nothing to do as well.


he gave me his business card...

I'm kidding of course it's not that one! that one is the famous meme from the current popular song on Youtube, "Call me Maybe"

anyway that guy was trying to find ways to make me contact him, he also asked me when my friend would come coz he thought I'd like to grab a coffee or something while waiting -.-;

Good that Sheng finally came! So I had an excuse to leave him...

before recording a birthday greeting video for our friend who is in France now

Tsukemen we had at Baba! I love tsukemen more than ramen XD

Sunday, June 24 2012

Went to Asakusa, my fave temple in Tokyo with Patty to pray and check out the Tokyo Solamachi (Where the sky tree is)

I prayed at the temple too and picked up the Omikuji again; got the "small fortune / 小   " which was not bad, I guess :)

Age manju with custard filling, I don't think custard suits age manju...

The world's tallest  broadcasting tower, Tokyo Sky tree is now open.
The Asahi Beer building, used to be the main landmark of Asakusa before Sky tree was there.
An ojisan offered to take pictures of us, why not? :D

The new tobu station

Rillakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiirotori x Sky tree !

Fat totoro!

Patty and I with tototo, but it was too fat so only one of his eyes can fit ;)

Smiling curry rice I made 2 days ago and I had been having it for 3 days in row as I cooked a lot.

The reason why I love Summer more than winter is that the day is longer.
It feels so great to go home after school when it's still bright outside :)

A bulding and cresent moon bokeh.

Fave quote from my current read: The Perks of being a Wallflower.

Sakuranbo! Japanese cherry :)

and last,
I posted a new project on 

My very first video blog on my way to Shinjuku :)
I will be very happy if you are willing to watch it

Making video is fun! I think I'm gonna try make more from now on



  1. huge spider? waw :O

  2. D: Wah that spider! The business card is hilarious. xD And your bokeh photo is wonderful!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun!
    Haha, I really laughed when there was the picture of the 'business' card! Haha! >U<
    I really want to go to Japan! It would be so fun!

  4. Good luck on the JLPT! Laughed at the business card :)

  5. great outfit and i love buissnes cart :D soo funny

  6. the japanese cherry... the japanese cherry! :9 many good luck for your JLPT!

  7. Hahaha! Good luck for your JLPT, I love your blog!! =D



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