Sunday, July 29, 2012

The end of the junior year

Finally, I am officially in summer break! :)
currently having sore neck and shoulder because of the fireworks festival yesterday, where I was watching up to the sky while taking pictures or videos for 1.5 hours straight.

alright, I will blog about what happened in my life last week!
I spent previous week mostly meeting friends to say goodbyes before they left Japan (for good or not) and of course studying for the exams and writing essay!

Monday, July 23

Spent the day at the library starting my essay. Then meeting up with mimint and wz (not real names lol) for mexican dinner at Yotsuya, their favorite restaurant! and it was sort of farewell dinner too since the couple is going to Europe for graduate school this September.

The restaurant has cozy south american atmosphere

the appetizer

really yum chicken soup

I love this enchiladas :D

roasted chicken
group picture. we will definitely meet again someday!

Tuesday - Friday, July 24 - 27 

Since I almost took no pictures on these days, I don't remember what exactly I was doing -.-
Most likely I spent those days going to my last classes, staying at the library finishing my last essay and I also  went drinking once to a bar nearby.

Then had a haircut on Friday, got half of my hair cut. Kinda sad, but I feel so much fresher and happier now.   I'm ready for the midsummer hotness :D

Saturday, July 28

Met up with Ohia for lunch at Takadanobaba, we went to take purikura first before our quite fancy lunch at Cotton Club, Italian Cafe near the station.

My cheek is very elastic


Pasta, It was good and a lot. I couldn't finish it (especially coz it was oily)

We were catching up for hours and Ohia was gonna go back to Korea the next day, only for a week though :D
After the lunch we parted and I went to Asakusa for the famous Sumidagawa fireworks festival.

Before heading to a nice spot to watch the hanabi, I went to the Sensouji temple first to pray and picked the omikuji.

This is the best Omikuji I've ever got :)
excellent fortune

So many people, couples and yukatas

Some people are "picnicking" while waiting for the fireworks to start

2.000.000 fireworks, 1.5 hours, approx 900.000 people went to watch.
It was the best fireworks I've ever seen in my life.

I'm going to post more details and video about the festival, soon on my project blog

here is the link of more the video
and I am going for Summer camp outside Tokyo tomorrow for 4 days! See you after that!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chilly summer in Tokyo

It has been chilly these past 3 days. The temperature suddenly dropped 10 degrees, to around 20 degrees Celcius. Chilly summer, I'm loving it but it is probably why I'm feeling dizzy now -.-;

I have been busy with finals, it has been more than a week since my last post T.T
I used to blog every 2 days but now blogging that often seems impossible. Maybe I will try to blog more during the summer break!! :)

Saturday, July 14

I went to Shiodome to take the intern test. I was so glad that the test wasn't the typical job hunting test aka SPI but it was more like creativity test. I had to make few slogans and script for commercial.

Dentsu Ads museum. I enjoyed their temporary exhibition a lot :)

Breads I had after the test

The Nakagin capsule tower by Akira Kurokawa, one of my fave buildings in Tokyo.
I heard that they might move / put down this building soon.

Ginza, the up scale shopping district which has been facing down scaling after the fast fashion business attacked Tokyo.

A&F, I shop smells! even from outside

Taken from the ?th floor of the new UNIQLO flagship store in Ginza.

So cute!!! Lady Gaga would wear that ;)

July 15 - 19 were spent at school, home and library...

Friday, July 20

Went to Nakameguro to try the best Monjayaki Patty ever had :)

Patty was wearing suit as she had intern interview and she got it right away!  yay!

It was raining that day and cold too. ugh

We went inside Donki Hote to avoid the rain and found this cute 2D bag!

I would like to go here next time! Heard many good reviews about this place

Komugi, Naka Meguro


Extra baby star topping

I love the mochi

There would me Naka Meguro summer festival, soon.

I love Nakameguro, I love how vintage some buildings are but yet still so stylish

Saturday, July 21

Had work from 11 till 17.30
The banquet itself wasn't that busy coz I was assigned in the small room (my fave room to work at!) and there weren't many guests. The groom graduated from the same uni as I am now, he was part of the american football team and the school song was even sung during the wedding! :D 
But had to do preparation for the next party afterwards which was hectic and I have arms and back muscle ache now 0.0

As usual, I'm still wondering when I can eventually get used to the work and do it properly :(
I am getting better every time but seems like still far away from good.

Had this curry suntofu after work with Sheng! 

Summer break is coming in a week! I still have 1 more paper due Sat which I haven't started yet and 2 more exams. I might spent next few days in the library again... ;)

And for the first time ever, I am going to stay in Japan for the whole 2-month-break. I remember I was gonna stay here last summer, but ended up getting a serious homesick and I ended up flying home the next day...

To avoid homesickness, I need things to do to keep myself busy.
So far, for the summer, I got an on campus internship (60 hours in total for 2 months), an English summer camp (4 days) and that banquet part time job (once a week). 

But they aren't enough to keep me busy, I bet. I'm gonna try to find other intern/job :D


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walking to Ikebukuro

Can't believe that it's almost weekend already, time seriously flies! and I will be having finals next week.
I only have 2 more weeks being a junior!!! xD

Friday, July 6

I went to Ikebukuro to shop with Patty who I haven't seen for quite  a while ;)
I took the tram as usual to get there.

Outfit of the day.
Mint dress from Floriestyle
Had Yasube for lunch, my favorite tsukemen ever!
As you probably have read from this post

Hanging out with Patty means karaoke!
We go this tiny and old room, I definitely won't go back to that karaoke again.


Where's Wallu iPhone case at Tokyu hands! So cute and nostalgic ;)
got this stripes dress from Lowrys Farm.
 Slightly too big for me but I have always had wanted to a stripes dress xD.

Saturday, July 7

I had work.
that's all
;) lol
and work was not busy so I did enjoy it!

Sunday, July 8

I had no particular plan and had no homework either. The weather was lovely and it was quite chilly for summer that I decided to go out for a walk! :)
According to my Google map, Ikebukuro Sunshine city is only like 2km away so I decided to try walking there instead of taking the tram as usual.

I was lost finding shortcut to get there because apparently the google map didn't work properly in the small alleys. So I decided to walk along the tram's track.

There was Morning Musume's handshake event. I hardly could see the girls.

As it was Sunday, Sunshine City was filled with many people and mostly families who did bargain shopping. I ended up 

My lazy outfit :) and shopping bag. Got myself a dress and sandals.
The dress I got, I know it's silly to buy stripes dresses 2 days in a row.
But this one fits me more that the one I bought the day before ;)

The sky that day was amazing!

I feel like wanting to swim in the sky :D

I was walking home when I saw many girls were wearing Yukata (Summer Kimono). I knew right away if there must be a matsuri around and followed them...

For more pictures, details and a video, visit my project blog:
Ameliebe Project

I'm going to have a written test as the second step to get the summer intern position at the biggest ad agency in Japan this weekend....
I was quite surprised to pass the first selection actually.
Actually, I have no confident with the test. I might even can't read the questions which all in Japanese. But anyway I will give it a shot :)



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