Friday, February 17, 2012

Laces never die

Laces are magical, it adds girly yet elegant feeling to every clothes they are on. Moreover it never dies :) the first time I notice that laces are trending was last summer. I saw almost every store in Japan has laces or crochet tops in their collection and even when summer turned to fall, then winter, laces are still everywhere :)

here are some pictures of me wearing some laces collection from Floriestyle :)

I own exact the same shorts as what I wore but in different color :)

I have been here for 2 weeks already :) Before I'm here, I planned to be productive during my holiday by making some resolutions, they are: 
1. Learn how to drive a car properly 
2. Start and finish reading some books
3. Brush up my Japanese and prepare for the N1 test


and after 2 weeks, here is my progress:
1. I only practiced driving once and I freak out when there are cars near me. I think I'm still having trauma.
2. I started to read Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the shore but often somehow I ended up reading blogs, tumblr or 9gag instead. lol
3. I don't use Japanese at all in any kind of form not even watching a japanese drama or TV show.

Hopefully I can be more productive for now on :)
I'm going to Bali in few days, I'm so excited!!



  1. Love those lace tops! Oh and so jealous that you're going to Bali ;)

  2. nice lace tops :D love the first one !!

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  3. You are right! Laces do never die!

  4. Kafka is one of my favs!!! you need to continue reading it :O
    and you are so adorable! how'd you get these pictures taken???

  5. LOL learn how to drive a car properly! that made me laugh! i remember when i felt the same, when i turned 18, 7 years ago! it as sooo scary :O once I even got a ticket because I was so nervous about the other cars I didn't notice the light turned red as I was turning on a no-turn-on-red light :P

    and that outfit with the lavender and orange? i just die <3

  6. You are so gorgeous *_*!
    And eee, those shorts look so good on you!

    And oh dear, I still haven't properly learnt how to drive a car ;_: well, yes ..but not so much park LOL!;A;

  7. You look soo lovely in that lace tops!
    Hehe it happens during holiday. But its good to set some goals. Dont rush, enjoy the holiday and be productive at the same time. Hope you will be able to accomplish them! :D

  8. You look absolutely adorable. The lace top is beyond gorgeous! Loving it!

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  9. I love love love that top, beautiful, suits you too :D

  10. lace is beautiful !
    We are the same , I usually plan to be more productive , but ended up with blogging / 9gag-ing hahah :p

  11. ameme.. it's been a while to not read ur blog!!
    i really love lacey too.. and agree with ur statement!!! hehehe
    will c ya within 1week time <3
    n hi5 me also still wondering how to drive properly,lol
    hope u will more more more productive! XD

  12. cute pants:) i've followed you blog, won't u check out mine?



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