Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'll be right back, Tokyo

This is going to be my last post about Japan for a while :) I'm not sure whether my life here will be as interesting as my life in Japan, but I'm now trying my best to find interesting things here. Which is really hard because I am not used to it. lol

I'm currently in Indonesia now, it's so hot right here that I'm having a hard decision of choosing whether I like winter or summer more :/
But definitely summer here is so much better than Japan's dry summer.

waiting for the bus to Shinjuku

Passed by the Fuji TV building on my way to the airport by bus

Odaiba's ferris wheel

might a little hard to see, but I think it's Mt. Fuji over there

Haneda airport

the observation deck

bye bye japan


The huge Hello Kitty store

few minutes before boarding

self shot lol

I bought Vivi magazine at the airport. The latest issue, March 2012. Vivi is my current fave Japanese fashion mag!! :D I used to like seventeen and non no when I was younger.

Koda kumi on the cover

my lovely dog was watching me snapping my magazine :D

Some my fave newest trends from the magazine:

Sherbet colors for spring; mint, lavender, lemon yellow and milky blue
I'm gonna hunt clothes with these lovely colors :D

Bicolor shirts

colorful skinnies and shorts

Baseball jacket!
this kind of flat platform shoes



  1. hope you enjoy here in Indonesia!
    by the way which part of Indonesia?

  2. I hope you have the greatest time in Indonesia :)
    I LOVE pastels, especially on bottoms since I love wearing shorts haha. But the trend of bi-colour collar shirts is my absolute favourite trend right now... I don't think we could ever have 'too many' of them haha :)

  3. I hope you can go here! :) Then we can talk and hang out! <3

  4. Hi my name is tsune. 
    i'm big fan of your blog.
    I'm so sad to heared you back your country.
    l love your blog.
    I think You can feel small happiness
    that many people would not notice.
    Your blog was always full of that beautifull small happiness.
    You and your blog is like beautifull songs of Spitz.
    Spitz is my best lover artist.
    You are so amazing.
    Sorry for may bad english.


  5. Wish you have a great time in Indonesia!
    the photos you took are always beautiful! I love VIVI magz too!

  6. I really like ViVi too. You seem to have such a good eye for photos, I'm sure your posts from Indonesia will be just as good!

  7. Enjoy your vacation with your family in Indonesia!! ^^
    It's quite hot lately.. XDDD

    kkk~ I saw Mt. Fuji in one of your photos. ^^



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