Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Walk, eat and study

Pictures will help me to explain what I did on previous Monday and Tuesday...

Brought my friend to this place. Both of us are fans of 500 Days of Summer and
we agreed that this place can be used for the Tokyo's version.

Swing swing swing. They were so low!


Can't really see the background :(

We walked farther than I had ever walked before and surprisingly we were at Zoshigaya. I never knew that Zoshigaya is that close from where I live. I used to go there by taking the tram before!

This taiyaki was so good!

Mo's cafe at Zoshigaya which serves home styled Italian food

I love the interior. It wasn't crowded that day. There were only 3 other couples who came.

My friend loves to take photo with Instagram too :)

Tomato with mozarella cheese

The no.1 menu in that cafe, beef with wine sauce. It was so good!
My friend was saying that this is the best food she has ever had in Japan

Carbonara spaghetti

We got red after eating those food. Most likely because of the wine from the beef dish. lol. I hate how I turn red so easily :(

Cake we ordered, we had them while studying for exam

I really love the chewy thing inside the cake. yumm!

There was a fire from an apartment nearby my campus. I could hear the firetrucks sirens from far.
and there were so many fire trucks along the road!

After the exam on Tuesday, I had dinner with the same friend above plus one another friend. We walked up to Zoshigaya again.

Beautiful night view

We went to this old, Japanese styled restaurant called Gohanyasan Ichikawa.

There was an old map hanging on the wall

I could heard the old lady behind them was talking about how we could speak both English and Japanese
lol, so funny! It must be weird from some people to hear us mixing Japanese with English

The shabu shabu set I ordered. Yummy!

I submitted my last final project today. So I'm officially on spring break now! Yay! Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China, here I come :)



  1. Your photos are sooo beautiful! Makes me wanna pack my bags right now and travel to Japan again. *___* And the food pics.... I love food pics! YUMMY!

  2. geez!! craving for taiyaki, cakes and that menu beef!!! T.T love the 500days of summer scene Tokyo version tooooo <3.<3

  3. Oh gosh ..the food looks so yum ;__; !
    What was in that Taiyaki? It looks like ..cheese for some reason :o

    1. haha mine was cream with azuki (red beans). The usual filling for Taiyaki is azuki :D But I do believe there must be cream cheese Taiyaki somewhere

  4. よい旅を! 写真をたくさん撮ってね~!!


  5. ahh i love tokyo! that park is so like the tokyo version of 500 days of summer :)

  6. Thanks for the comment! I love how you tell storied on your blog! following you!

  7. the taiyaki looks so yummy!!! u always eat so much yummy food ^_^ nice way to get rid of the stress from studying!

  8. First of all, those photos of you two are so cute. Second of all, i want to eat all of that food.




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