Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Visiting grandpa

On Saturday, just right a day after I arrived here at Indonesia. My family and I went to my granpa's house which is located in a super small city in Central Java. It's around 4 hours ride from where I live.

Our first stop was for lunch, at this field rice view restaurant.

my dad didn't know I was taking a picture with him

Grilled fish

I'd been missing this food for a while

rice field on the back

And then we arrived at our destination!!!! :D

Blackie the black dog

a pond with no fish at the yard. There used to be some fish when I was a little.

Chicken satay for dinner

fresh from the grill right in front of you.
I love the satay but I hate how I smell like satay smoke after eating XD

and the place is just right in front of m y granpa's house

That day was kinda chilly

Right after that we all went to a Chinese new year celebration at the temple, we went back afterwards and watched a movie called in Time at home. Amanda Seyfried is so gorgeous!! the movie itself is just ok. But I really love the idea of using time instead of money, so creative!

The next morning....

We had stay again for breakfast, but this time beef satay

The best beef satay in the world! one of my fave food ever :D

How to eat: dip the satay in the peanut sauce

and eat it with rice on the leaf

a traditional Indonesian ride called becak. It's hard to spot in a big cities nowadays.

We went to temple again afterwards.

Ice cream that made my day better

My brother and I when we were young

Grandparents with all the grandchildren

a picure of my 87-year-old grandpa with a picture of my great grandparents above. This is definitely one of my fave pics ever with Instagram. :)

Me and him

Bye bye!

Actually after I looked back at the pictures of him that I took, they reminded me of a famous Japanese photographer, Kayo Ume and her photobook, jiichansama which contains the beautiful and funny pictures of her own grandpa  :)



  1. I love seeing family photos! You seem so happy around your grandpa, it's lovely :) The rice field restaurant looks so beautiful! And I'm craving satay now ;___;

    1. By the way, I awarded you the Liebster Blog award, so please pop by my blog and collect it when you can :)

  2. love these photos!! glad u had a chance to spend some quality time w your grandpa. the satay looks so yummy!

  3. the food looks soo yummy!
    you seems happy :) thats great!

  4. いつかインドネシアに行ってみたい・・・^^

  5. you're always traveling! I'm so envious D:
    and that peanut sauce OMG my favorite. that probably tasted better than anything i've ever had. your grandpapa is so adorable!!! :D

  6. Satay sticks! Yummy <3

    Really love the family pics, they'll look great in the family album~



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