Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pastel pink

I got a chance to be the model for the new collection of floriestyle, a new Surabaya based online shop few days ago. My hair was in bun because my head will be cropped and my face will not be shown on the website, but the owner kindly sent me some of the pictures with my face on it :)

This is one of the outfit, also my fave :D
Pastel colors, laces, collars are trending this Spring

 I'm still awkward in front of the camera ;)
hopefully I could get used to it soon.
and please check out and their FB page



  1. You looked really pretty. I didn't think you look awkward :)

  2. I love the top you are wearing. I feel awkward in front of a camera also, but in those photos you look natural. :)

  3. I also feel awkward in front of a camera, but you look so gorgeous :)

  4. I love the top! Great shots, you look natural!

  5. Hey Thankyou for visiting my blog:-) I love your top, it's super cute and you look adorable! Following you right away, hoping to see you in Pen Twister too!

  6. such a lovely top!
    super love the pastel colurs ♥

  7. nice top! sweet color!

    followed you, follow back?:)

  8. Your look is beautiful.

    I invite you to

  9. thanks for dropping by and ur lovely comment :)
    wow nice top !
    i love lace :D

    i am following u now , follow back ?

  10. aww so u WERE modelling!! good job <3

  11. It actually looked good on you. :D

  12. no dear , you didnt look awkward at all :) you look awesome with those amazing top :D

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    Giveaway Here

  13. Aw you look really pretty! I like the top. :)

  14. so pretty, I love the collar. and nahhh you don't look awkward in front of the camera!



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