Sunday, October 14, 2012

The rest of Summer

Hello! I thought I would quit blogging but I just couldn't do it :)
I will just blog less frequent then.

So another week has ended since the school started. 
I'm still busy, always have something every single day and missing those days when I could stay at home the whole day in my pajama T.T

I'm so gonna decrease the amount of working at the hotel... Keeping two jobs while still going to classes (to actually study) is impossible.

These are some of the pictures I chose to represent the rest of my Summer!!
If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen most of the pictures if not then, follow me? ;)

Tsukemen I had with Sheng at Shinjuku.
The soup was good, the noodle was nice too but I  still prefer thicker noodle for Tsukemen! 

Me as clock's fingers. At an exhibition at Hatsudai

Free Ben and Jerry's

Shared Terrace, Lovely cafe at Aoyama. Lovely place with mediocre food.
Will def never go back.

Muji Cafe with Patty and HT from Kyoto!

Korean food at Shin Okubo. I LOVE SAMGYOPSAL

Kimchi chijimi

Izakaya's Karaage at Shinjuku!

Too cute not to buy

Tokyo's summer sky

Fish and chips at HUB

so so cake I had with Patty at Shinjuku's Takashimaya.
Will never go back to that place again.

Aussie burger from McD, had this during the break for my 2-day-work of asking tourists to fill tourism questionnaire.
Asking people to stop and spend 10 minutes of their precious time traveling in Tokyo wasn't an easy job.
I got rejected for so many times and really really thanked those people who were willing to fill the questionnaire.
Anyway it was a fun experience :D

ODAIBA again


Forgot the name, had this at Shinagawa after renewing my Residence card!

Homemade tomato cream penne at Nayo's house

Miki Lunch at Miki house. 500 yen only and it was very good!!:D

Sushiiii. kaiten sushi!

Bento I got from school. YUMMY! must be expensive

Indonesian fest at Tokyo midtown

Soup set I had at Roppongi Midtown, it was good!

The Tokyo National Art Centre, Roppongi.
Building by Kisho Kurokawa (The architect of one of my Tokyo's fave buildings; Nakagin capsule tower)

Nasi Campur at the Indonesian fest I had after work with another Indonesian girl from work :D

Homemade Neko Taco rice :D

My first Freshness Burger! at Ikebukuro

Got myself a new schedule book for 2013 (right)
I love the bear's school more than my melody but, new year, new characters! :D

Last pic: a picture of my ugly but lovely dog :D

Hard to believe that tomorrow is Monday again but have a lovely week everyone!



  1. yummy food!

    i recommend that you blog when you feel like it, rather than out of obligation. don't quit blogging; i enjoy your food pics!

  2. wow! lots to see!
    i love that biscuit (i believe it is...) with the face on it!
    so cute! and that bento looks delicious!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. aaa everything is so cute thereee XDD
    great photos!


  4. Wow! Everything you have is so adorable! : D

  5. Wahhh~ I just love looking through the photos on your blog! >u< Thank you so much for not quitting blogging. xD

  6. It looks so yummy! Really want to go to Japan now :]
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I love your food photos. I didn't know the Aussie burger was available in Japan too. Goodluck with your studies.

  8. so much good food~~ so jealous~~ your dog is so cute~~~ again..the FOOD LOOKS a korean i have to agree...SAMGYOPSAL IS BOMB~i had some in kimchi-chigae this morning~ hope you had a good day~~ and yay you are back to blogging your wondrous life~~
    -<3 Sally

  9. it's been a while since i didn't open your blog ameme <3
    love love love the food, all seem so tasty, almost drooling on my keyboard now, goodluck with your studies!!!!! less working, so u can wear pajama everyday xD~
    let's introdue Mimi to mochi!!! hihihihi
    can't wait to see you within 2months :)))

  10. Don't quit blogging! For some of this this blog is a window into life on the other side of the world :-D

  11. amazing post,lovely pics...
    take a look at my blog, we can follow each other if you want

  12. This post made me want to go to Japan for food trip! :D

    I Was Born in September

  13. hey don't quit blogging .
    weww~ i'm hungry when look at the tasty food :3

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  15. I love Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream.
    Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.

    Kenneillia M.
    The Style Vow

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