Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hello, it has been a while since the last post, isn't it?

I have been busy with mid term exams.

Besides that, I started working part time in a 5 star hotel as a banquet waitress last Saturday. It was mentally and physically exhausting. I met the most unpleasant guy ever in my life there, he was just so bitchy that I couldn't stand it. I feel like quitting that day but everyone else was really nice that I couldn't say anything about quitting.

I guess I'll give it few more tries and see whether I will like it or not. I maybe was just unlucky to met him on my first day. Btw, the plates and trays were so heavy too, I had muscle ache for 3 days because of that -.-;

Some recent picture from my Instagram :)

I can't like anything in life, I also can't judge a job by just working for once :)


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Suits hunting

I feel like I haven't blog as much as I used to do...
My home internet has started working since last Tuesday (yay!) but right after it, I caught a cold. I have stuffy nose, light fever and caugh occasionally now. Yet, I have been attending all my classes! I'm so proud of myself  ;) I lost my voice yesterday and even still attended the first group meeting for a class. I kept silent the whole time and couldn't even speak to introduce myself to other members -.-;

Last week, I went to Shinjuku to accompany Patty finding suits for job hunting.

My ootd

Us in a shoes store

In japan you have to wear a certain suits for job hunting. (it must be dark colored with two buttons)

Had Ootoya for lunch

McFlurry for dessert

I found this at Plaza, Amelia Swell(?) They could have come out with better name -.-;

Bought this biscuits on the way home

I spent my weekend at the library doing homeworks 

On saturday

On Sunday
Yeah, I was sitting on the same seat two days in a row :D

I have part time job interview tomorrow and have to finish my application for on campus internship! Hopefully I will get better by tomorrow :D
Take care everyone, being sick sucks!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thai Festival & Omotesando

Last weekend, there was a Thai festival held at Yoyogi park. My friend's girlfriend from Thailand was singing for the event there and I sort of promised to go see her when I met her in Thailand.

So I went there to see my friend and her girl friend who was singing on stage.

My ootd

In the train! ( mine & ohia's feet)

Sadako 3D promotional truck! very creative :D

The Thai festival

Super crowded

I had that som tum which wasn't good as there was more carrot than papaya :(

Went to the new Omotesando Tokyu Plaza to check out the first American Eagle in Japan, and also some other local brands inside :)

Virtual clothes! how cute

The rooftop

I will definitely comeback one day when it's sunny and less cold to enjoy a cup of coffee there next time

Harajuku's sky

Patty's ootd

My ootd

Ohia went home earlier so I have no pic of her ootd :( she was wearing pink too! we were all so pink XD

Had Wendy's because we were craving for chilli that day!

Wendy's chilli with french fries!!

My oreo frosty, very fattening but yumm!!!:D what a guilty pleasure


I stopped by my uni's 24 hour computer room that day because my internet wasn't working at home.

Actually now, my internet isn't working again. I'm blogging from library now...
Having internet on and off at home is killing me slowly... :( Thanks God I live near school so everytime I need internet or have to do my works, I just can go to the library or the computer room.

Speaking of internet... I watched this movie yesterday

Sidewalls, my first Argentinian movie to watch. I'm giving this movie 7.5/10.
I feel like the movie is kind of the mix between Amelie and 500 days of Summer.
It's slow paced one but the film taking is beautiful so I did enjoy watching every scene of it :D

"How can I find a person when I don't know who I'm looking for"


Friday, May 18, 2012

Dream big, think big, act right now

Hello! This is Amelia blogging from home.
Finally the internet guy came to my place the other day to find out what was wrong with my internet. He said he couldn't find anything wrong with the central, I offered him to check the one at my room, he changed my modem with the modem he brought. Yay! it worked.

I was so happy before I found out that the internet wasn't working again the next day...
Now my internet is acting weird. It sometimes works and sometimes not (mostly in the morning)...

Last last Sunday, I went to this Le cafe Retro at Waseda with ohia to have omelette rice! 

They usually have this great deal lunch menu, but unfortunately it was Sunday.
So no lunch menu :(

Ohia's was tomato sauce and mine was demi glause (?)

The best omelette at Waseda for me!

Last Friday, went to this Korean bar with ohia again to grab a drink and eat some korean chickens!

I had the cassis makkori!!XD


feel free to read or skip this long written thought of mine! :)
I just feel like I have to write this personal thought somewhere to feel relieve.

Yesterday, during my Japanese career development class, we learned about how to write resume to apply working in Japanese company. 

One of the most common question asked is "What was the greatest thing you have done in life?". The teacher asked us to brain storming about the greatest thing we have done in university/high school/ middle school/ elementary school. 

I could easily answer the elementary one with how I was often chosen to represent my school for drawing competitions, the middle school one with how I was part of my school event's decoration team and in the high school, I was still part of the decoration team and I was also year book & school magazine's team. When it goes to university, I don't know what to answer. I am part of nothing here.

I have been too busy adjusting and enjoying my life in Japan for almost 3 years. Well, to survive living in Japan alone isn't easy but it's not great enough for me.

Every time I think "I have to do something", "I need to start something that I can be proud of", I never started. Okay, maybe I did a little, I started this blog because of that thoughts actually.(and I am very glad that I started blogging). But I want to do something bigger. Every time I do flashback, recalling my old memories, I know that I've missed tons of opportunities. Regrets always come late... but I can't rewind time to go back taking those opportunities.

Soon, I will be a senior and I wouldn't be able to postpone thing to the next year (as what I always do every time). I don't know whether I will stay here in Japan in the next 2 year.

So all I can do is to make the utmost of my life here from this moment.
I still have no idea what, but I will definitely find it out soon.
(I've been thinking of starting some creative projects to challenge myself but I will brainstorm more!)

So if you are reading this, I hope you do not share the same regret like me. If you are younger than me, time flies really fast so don't miss any opportunities to do something great. For everyone, Dream big, think big, act right now.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Shibazakura at Chichibu, Saitama

On Saturday, during the golden week I went to see the shibazakura at Chichibu. I took me 2 hours to go there, so far and so inaka (country side).
It was nice to be away from Tokyo for a while, although actually the numbers of people sightseeing there aren't less than Tokyo's Shinjuku lol

I was asking few people to come but we ended up going as a big group as they are bringing friends and friends are bringing friends. So much fun indeed :)

That day was kodomo no hi (the children's day)

hiked to the Hitsujiyama park, where the shibazakura is

So many people that day! and the park is smaller that what I expected. Some flowers were already dying but it was still pretty :D

Scarlet frame (?)

Hitsujiyama means mountain of sheep in English, so of course although not many, there were some sheep there XD

we was gonna go for strawberry picking too but apparently heard that there weren't any strawberry to pick anymore. What a shame... But yeah, of course it was golden week, there must be tons of people coming there.

On the way to Chichibu shrine

The wish board, how creative!:D

Apparently this drama/anime was set in Chichibu. So you basically can see the characters everywhere.

Had this gyutan for dinner! yummyy

I'm still blogging from library now. It has been 11 days since the internet at my house isn't working (with unknown reason). To live alone without internet at home is just awful. Although I'm started to get used to it. Still, I just feel so empty and lonely every time I get home. I would have gone crazy if I don't have a smart phone O.O

So scary to know how much my life is depending on internet...



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