Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aila, Ebisu

Hello! I'm still blogging from sweet university's PC room today.
 I Still can't use internet at home T.T I got my modem replaced with a new one but still it doesn't work. That makes me think that it's probably my laptop (Windows 7) which is acting weird, I've googled so many ways to fix it but none of them worked! So I am here at school waiting my friend to get home as I am gonna go to her house to borrow her laptop (just to make sure whether it's really my laptop's fault or the connection) 

Anyway, during the golden week, it was on Wednesday. I went to Ebisu with Nayo (not real name) for lunch. It was raning so heavily that day. I hate going out on rainy days but I had no regret of going! There were always less people out on rainy days XD 

We went to have lunch at this cute French restaurant called Aila which good review I found on this blog.

Great lunch deal!

It was raining hard which probably explains why it was not crowded that day

lovely menu! Loving the restaurant's interior and atmosphere

We got the seat next to the window

I ordered the quiche lunch set while Nayo ordered the ... I forgot what

Nayo's order

The cake and drink that came together with my quiche

soup, salad and the quiche all for 1050 yen!

I did enjoy the food and the atmosphere, definitely will want to go back there again to try their meat or fish lunch set! (they only serve 10 dishes each day for each lunch menu)

We walked to the famous Ebisu garden place. If you watched the Japanese version of Hana yori dango, you might be familiar with this place.

There was some kind of exhibition for kids.

Nayo doing the Domyoji's pose.

Beer station where you can have 1litre of beer.

See you!



  1. HAHAHAHA My friend showed me Hana Yori Dango a while back, and I recognised your photo straightaway!! Poor Domyouji haha


  2. Ahahaha Hana Yori Dango! <3
    And ee, the food looks so good in the first few pics. Mmm, I'm hungry :(

  3. everything looks so yummy there ^^ and the environment looks really nice too! so tempting!

  4. O__O ahhh i wanna go over there! those photos look so much fun! ahhh and i hate it when the internet bugs out!

  5. Woww! You look like you are having fun! The scenery is nice!

  6. they're look delicious :9 and maybe because I'm starving when I look at it *stomach noise heard*

  7. Humm, quantas delicias!!! Amamos!!! Beijinhos do TC.

  8. the last picture is so cute!!
    and the food looks really tasty!!
    what a lovely blog! ö.ö

    1. oh this food looks amazingly tasty ! sweet skirt, great look !

      lovely blog - very good job!

  9. Wow, I'd think you were in France! What's better than French food in the rain? :-)

  10. The food looks so yummy! And cute pictures! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?


  11. Hope you fix your internet problems soon!

    I notice from following some blogs that Japanese restaurants really do tend to have such beautiful presentation and decor. The French restaurant does look so cute!



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