Monday, April 2, 2012

A bit of Hong Kong, China and Tokyo

After a week being away from blogger. Now I am back with pictures of my working trip to China and Hong Kong, a little bit of Tokyo too.

I've been having a bad luck these days. Hope it's just April fooling me for two days in the row and things will get better tomorrow.

1. First, I came back here with a little money thinking that the money my mom bought at home has been transferred to my bank account here. However it hadn't. My bank account was empty, my phone was cut and I couldn't pay it. Tried to contact the seller but I still received less than half of my money and spent most of them already to pay my rent and phone bill. For the first time I felt how to live without any money and it just felt so terrible.

2. I came back to my tiny apartment after 2 months away and the bathroom gutter was clogged. Good to have my mom coming with me here so she was the one who helped me to fix it.

3. The new toy camera I bought, the new version of Vivitar, wide lens camera from super headz was broken before I even use it. I tried to install a film and it didn't want to roll. I ended up accidentally rolled up my unsed film, I had tried most of the ways to unrolled them without the film picker (learned how to do it from youtube) but none of them was working T.T I still can't use the camera and mailed the company to ask whether I can get the warranty.

(Click for bigger image)

waiting for my baggage at HK airport / Me in curly hair

A train ride from Shenzhen to Guang Zhou / a view of old building in China

Not tasty meat and fish balls / A wholesale clothing center

Another view of old building / Sweet fried chicken on the top of ices, yummy!

Mapo tofu / Roasted duck

A train / new polkadots case for my iphone

Hong Kong / My fave red shoes

milk tea / special fried rice

Portuguese style of butter chicken / Kowloon bay view from my relative's apartment

Mimi the unfriendly cat, she doesn't like to be touched and I had a really bad experience with her before. lol

cute mimi / My first kinder joy

yummyyyyy / I passed by my uni on the way to the station and there was an entrance ceremony for the freshmen

My new toy cam which is broken at the moment before I even used it / Sakura yet too bloom, but soon :D

What's that in the sky?

I love the fact that I am back to Japan despite all the bad things happened to me recently. I only have 3 terms left being a uni students and I must do my best to treasure every second.

My goals this term would be: 
1. Pass JLPT N1 that I just applied today 
2. Get a baito
3. Find a summer intern



  1. Oh goodness, I hope your luck turns around :( Being cut from money feels so insecure and you can't go very far without much. Agh, dodging plumbing! I just had mapo tofu today, nomnomnom. I love how nostalgic these shots are. You're like Dorothy with your red shoes :) Mimi looks slightly evil haha, or maybe I find cats kinda evil because they stare into your soul. We have kinder joy's here but known as 'Kinder Surprises' :) I've never had one, shamefully. Hope you can get a warranty or any claim on the camera! Greatest luck in achieving your goals Amelia :)


    Good luck to achieve your goals <3

    I love your blog, mind to follow each other? ^^

  3. sad to hear about your spot of bad luck....i hope it's over. the only way is up!!!

    love your pics, especially the pics of food! it makes me hungry lol!

    Chi-Chi x

  4. those pics are really lovely!:)

  5. Great pics. Hope all your problems get sorted soon.

  6. Wow! Travelling must be lovely! : D The camera is so cute, too bad it broke!

  7. cute photos ^^ is this instagram?

    1. yes, I used Intagram for all pictures taken above :)

  8. Nice blog!
    Hope I'll travel in Japan one day :) ...


  9. nice pics ! :D
    I have instagram now and following you ^^
    hope you can solve your problem a.s.a.p !

  10. the food pics are too yummy! I love your red shoes!
    good luck for the new term!
    may I know what is your instagram?

  11. Beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring ideas! Love your posts! Would you like to follow each other?

  12. shopping at those stands in china are soo amazing! Lucky girl! Cute blog :)

  13. Those are some really cute photos ^_^
    Good luck with those goals.
    I'm also looking for a summer internship position.
    It's a little tough ._.
    but good luck!

  14. awwww... good luck ameme, i'm sure you can do it!!!!!
    don't think too much about the bad day.. miss ya <3 :)

  15. i loooove those pictures :)



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