Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Waseda sakura matsuri

There was a sakura festival at my neighborhood last Sunday, it was just a small one though.
My mom and I went there pretty late that most stalls selling food were closed and the only thing left was the performance of grandmas dancing in kimono.

(if you follow my Instagram, you might have seen most of the pictures)

They have an original song for the festival, the lyric was somewhat like "sakura in waseda are blooming~"

We walked along the Kandagawa river towards Edogawabashi afterwards...

looks like a rose but it does not smell so I'm not sure what flower it is.

Went to Ikebukuro for shopping (no picture)

Matcha melon pan I bought at the station. yummy!

Yosakura (night sakura) near my place


fave pic of me taken that day!

fave pic of mom! :D

I'm so tired... tired of school already. I was excited to go back to school but right on the first day, I'm tired of it already.

1. I have a problem with my thesis writing seminar, where I am the only September intake student while others are April students who are going to graduate half year earlier. I never told the professor about it coz I thought she knew about it already but when I told her, she said that she did not want to be my adviser for one and half year and if she had knew this earlier, she would never accept me in the seminar. So it's either I finish my thesis half year earlier or drop that class to find other seminar or even graduate without writing any thesis. I emailed my school office about this but haven't got any reply yet. I am flexible with all the options though. I just want a reply asap!!!!

2. I just hated my elective Japanese class today and couldn't find any better class, so I might stick with it. I start to doubt that I can pass JLPT N1 this July.

3. I think the amount of school fee my parents are paying isn't worth the education I receive. I should have applied for the study abroad program... *sighs*



  1. I don't know what flower it is too, but it sure is gorgeous. The grandmas dancing look so poised and graceful, goodness, I only hope to be that way when I age. Aww Hello Kitty polaroid :) Those sakuras look stunning, what a sight to walk through the streets and see them blossoming. Matcha, noms! Aw, your mother looks so pretty and youthful. Oh my goodness, I hope you get the thesis drama sorted out, people take forever to reply to emails >_< especially when we need them to! I kinda settled with my elective class too but I'm sure you can find some light too it, don't give up! Sometimes I wonder about the ridiculous costs for schooling and if they're worth it.. or if I'm applying myself enough.

  2. Looove the color tone of your look a like rose flower pict

  3. the photos that you have posted here are just so absolutely lovely! i would love to go to see cherry blossoms. i imagine it smells amazing. i am sorry to hear with your school troubles, but i really do hope things work out for you!

    <3 rae


  4. Wow that flower sure is gorgeous! The petals looked so perfectly shaped and soft <3

    Sorry to hear about your difficult school situation. I hope you can sort it out soon so you'd don't have to stress about it more!

  5. Japan looks great!! :)


  6. i agree, the japanese undergrad system is not really worth the money....especially for foreigners. that’s why i’m in the graduate department: it’s only two years and the price is much better (not a whole lot, but better) than the undergrad price!




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