Thursday, April 12, 2012

My last hanami; Arashiyama park

Bored of sakura pictures already? Don't worry this is going to be my last post full with sakura trees, because the real sakura on the trees out there are started falling T.T

Last Monday my noon classes were cancelled, as soon as I got an email telling me that, I brought my mom to Asukayama park at Kita ku.

3 couples' backs!!

The ouji station from the park

with people hanami ing as the background

Japanese super mommies ride these bikes!!:)

a lift car

My camera isn't broken! I was the one who was not smart enough to know how to load the film! XD
can't wait to see the result of my first roll! 

A barking dog

I'm having a headache choosing classes this term. I do not need many credits anymore so that is probably why I am so picky this time :(

My mom is leaving in 3 days and I'll be back living alone!!! It's good to have mom here but I haven't been hanging out with my friends simply coz I feel bad leaving her alone at home (I've been such a good daughter, besides going to school, I only left her once for friend's bday yesterday). Now, I am Still thinking where to go sightseeing tomorrow... Wanted to go to Kamakura but I think I'm too tired to go there tomorrow.



  1. I love the sort of feeling I get from these photos! It's so ..warm? and inviting! mm

  2. These photos are amazing! i'm glad i dropped by here :D

    new follower!

  3. Your blog is sooo kawaii!! The photos make me miss Japan so much :( I go every few years, not often enough. Arashiyama park is so beautiful, can't wait to visit again!

    Hybrid Hunter

  4. I love all the different colours of the flowers. The sakura trees are spectacular.

  5. You take the best photos!! and sorry to hear that your mom is leaving T_T it's always nice to have your mom around to do "mom" things for you haha
    but at least you'll have time for yourself and friends now :D

  6. That was a lovely blog post. I like how considerate you were to your mom to show her a nice time while she's in Japan. I love the pictures, it looks like you had a nice time.

  7. beautiful pictures, i love all the colors! One of my dreams would be to visit Japan one day :)



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