Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring has come

Sakura blooms as the sign of spring. If you ask me what is the best season in Japan, I'll definitely say it's spring. I live just few meters away from a small long river with sakura trees along so I can observe the blooming process. Today was the full bloom (満開)and my quiet neighborhood has turned into a tourist spot. lol

I've never seen these many people before

I went to see more Sakura yesterday at Kudanshita and visited the Yasukuni Shrine. The Shinto shrine dedicated to soldiers who died during the war. The shrine was having sort of sakura festival.

Dango, only 100 yen

Still in Kudanshita, near the Yasukuni shrine and the station, there's a quite big river which I think part of the imperial palace and there were so many blooming sakura trees there

We walked all the way to Hanzomon station which was close to Omotesando, so we decided to go there.

Kaiten sushi with many english speaking foreigner staff at Omotesando. It was overpriced for its quality.

Limited edition flavor of Jyagariko :)

Sorry for posting so many pictures without any captions / explanations but I guess the pictures speak about themselves quite well!
School is starting this Monday! But I'm still in holiday mood (most likely because my mom is here and will be here until next week)



  1. The sakura trees look so gorgeous! Like postcard photos that make me wanna go to Japan! I love how your blazer and shoes are pink, you're blending into the festivities well haha. Have fun with school on Monday :)

  2. wow.. nice photo~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. your photos are beautiful, especially of the sakura trees x

  4. I love your blog! Are you live in Japan? It must be wanderfull *-* I am followingyour blog, You can visit mine *^^*

  5. This looks so delicious~ : D There is so many food booths!

  6. I love your blog! It is really interesting and the photos are nice! ^^

  7. Super nice pics !!! Love it ><

  8. The photos are beautiful. I've always wanted to go to Japan for sakura-viewing. Thanks for sharing

  9. The sakura are gorgeousss!
    And ahh, it makes me want to go to Japan even more :( !

  10. u always capture beautiful photos ameme!!!! <3



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