Thursday, April 26, 2012

Golden week

Golden week is starting next Monday. Basically golden week is a set of public holidays in a week. One of the biggest Japan's holiday season. I will surely enjoy the one week holiday, but it's going to be crowded everywhere T.T (esp the tourists' spots)

I still got no particular plan besides lunch appointments with some friends though. But I really really want to go see the shibazakura (sakura bushes) in Saitama!!!!!!!! :) Hopefully I can find some companions to go with! 

My red red outfit yesterday
Genmaicha, my caffeine source that day.
All the sakura has gone, the trees are green now :) 
Huge Siberian Husky!!!!!!
The founder of Sony
drew it during the Japanese class when I was supposed to read and listen...

Lazy school outfit for today

Went to a library which undegrads can't go in without filling a special form.
There was no people besides me, I could smell the old books' smell and hear the sound of the aircon.
 it was cool & creepy at the same time (but still not as creepy as the basement floor of central lib).
Try to do this Peko chan's pose, it's harder than it seems.
And I seriously don't know how the Japanese talent, Lola can still look so cute while doing this

The limited edition of Milky :D
My dinner today, Chicken Veggie mie sua
I basically just mixed everything and it tasted good as always!

and last, the food I had have at home:

Spicy curry rice

Shirokuma parfait, I wish they put more fruit topping!

Smiley pumpkin stew

The pumpkin stew leftover man XD



  1. Love your red outfits!! ^^
    Hope you enjoy your golden week :) and don't forget to take pics alright!! :D
    Loving your each and every post :)

  2. Your red outfit is so cute Amelia <3 :')
    I love all your photos! I wish I didn't live far from you! I want to meet you. :)

  3. Enjoy Golden Week. Your post about the library being partially creepy yet cool reminds me of the campus library where I use to study at. The library was hug and I use to study there, and as everything is still in the library, it felt like time standing still.

  4. Nice blog! The library looks like it could be quite spooky in different lighting.

  5. I like the photo of the canal.

  6. You have a nice style~ & I enjoy reading your posts ♫
    Very atmospheric~~ ☆ミ

  7. You do really have a lot of pretty pictures! Love your red shoes anyway!



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