Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hacienda del cielo, Daikanyama

Went to Daikanyama today with Patty to celebrate the beginning of Golden week by having good food :)
Patty & I was craving for mexican food and we decided to go to Hacienda del cielo at Daikanyama. Place that I was always wanting to go to after reading these reviews; here and here (both are my fave Tokyo's food blogs :D )

Outfit of the day, wearing wedges still hurt :(

I was gonna go to Shibuya by the subway, but on my way to the station. I saw a bus going to Shibuya. I've never taken that bus before and thought that it would be nice to ride as for me, bus ride is always more interesting than taking the metro (I love to see the scenery out there from the window). Apparently the bus took more time to get to Shibuya and I was late for an hour than our meeting time :(
Sorry Patty!!!

I was lost while looking for the restaurant and found this cute poster on the vending machine.

According to Patty who came first, the restaurant was crowded and she needed to queue for while. The line was moving quick though!

The menu, it was Saturday so they have the holiday lunch set

Nice terrace seats! and that was a free little glass of sangria with herb tea that I ordered

Platillo. Tuna and soup. I loved the soup

The main dish and Avocado shrimp salad

Echiladas. My first time having it and it was good!! :)

Patty's meal, chicken tacos plate


with our big lunch

The set came with this chocolate nut dessert, yummy!

The bar, I'm loving the atmosphere of this place

The kitchen

We were so full after the lunch. I love mexican food and I love this place, will definitely go back :)

We took a walk around afterwards

Big hair poodle!

I have more photos of Daikanyama and another review of a famous cake shop. Will blog about them later, in another post!! :)



  1. you live in tokyo? i have always wanted to go to japan! ahhhh! and it really IS full of cutsie kawaii huh? haha. that's so awesome. i enjoyed your blog and pictures of what tokyo looks like! can i follow you? please, pleeeeease. haha. tokyo looks beautiful.

    take care! :)

    - Missa

  2. aaa i adore this post so much , i always love all of your photos , you could captured anything somehow in a great way :)

  3. your outfit is really cute and as always i love the pictures that you take!

  4. I enjoyed reading your post, I didn't know you could get Mexican food in Japan but then again, I've never been outside my own country. I'm glad that you and your friend enjoyed yourselves.

  5. Awwww, thank you SO much for saying I'm one of your favourite Tokyo food blogs! You made my day! :)



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