Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A good bye

Last Sunday, my mom went back home after staying 2 weeks here.
I sent her off in Shinjuku, spent 3 hours studying at Starbucks before meeting up with my friends at noon.

If you are following my Instagram: AmeliaSuboko you might have seen all these pics bellow ;)

My first time to be at Shinjuku that early on Sunday.
There weren't many busy people as usual.

Drinking coffee with Rilakkuma :)
It was my first time ordering hot drink! I always prefer cold drinks, but I guess not in the chilly morning.

I feel sad everytime I make a mistake and have to erase it with this Rilakkuma eraser.
Soon it will lose its ear :(

Preparing for N1 and trying to find ideas for my thesis

Met up with Patty and...

Had Subway

Another friend texted me asking to go shopping in Shinjuku. I told her that I was in Shinjuku and asked her to join us :)

Had this milk tea, the best milk tea I've ever had in Tokyo.

3 of us!

My phone went out off battery afterwards.... So no picture of my dinner XD

I did cried a little when I arrived at home. My tiny room felt so empty... Oh well, I'm gonna get used being alone soon and I'll see my mom and my whole family again in December anyway. 

Some random pics:

No more sakura :(

Kimchi fried rice I made

Soup curry I had last night

Fish swimming in the sky. Kodomo no hi (the children's day) is coming!
Discovering those fish today brightened my day! :D

My bangs is currently in annoying length and I had a dilemma to cut it or not

I get tired and sleepy so easily these days, no matter how early I went to bed and how long I sleep. I'm even having a light headache now. I think I'm catching a cold.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm so jealous that you're living in Japan. I want to go back so bad. ;3;

  2. Nice photos! I like your bangs as they are :) Following x


  3. i love the photos. you make me feel like visiting there too. i need a new atmosphere. *sigh*

  4. love the pics ! ><
    Hey I also use those Sarasa pens ;;)
    I love koinobori !! :D :D :D

  5. food look so yummy~

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG



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