Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tsukiji and Odaiba

Yesterday, after having hard time deciding where to go sightseeing in Tokyo (because my mom and I have ever been to most places already). We decided to go to Tsukiji, the largest fish market in Japan and Odaiba after that. It was my first time to go to Tsukiji and for Odaiba, my second.

btw, I challenged myself to reduce the amount of using Instagram for my blog and go back to Photoshop ;)

Tsukiji, my mom really enjoyed walking there seeing fish 

I know this is gross, but it's amazing to see the huge tuna head

it was so crowded that Saturday, full with both local and foreign tourists

Lining up for sushi

I'm loving the counter seats, making sushi must be part of art too!

NOM NOM NOM this chirasi sushi is only 850 yen

yummmyyy and fresh

We walked to Shinbashi from Tsukiji and took the Yurikamome line to Odaiba

Passed by NTV's building

View of Ginza

Reaching Odaiba
Small version of the liberty statue


Fuji TV building by Kenzo Tange

Sazae san cookies :D

with Fuji TV's mascot rafu kun (?)

With I don't know who lol

Chibi maruko chan's village miniature


Sazae san (?)yaki

We walked towards the ferris wheel across Fuji TV

The Venus fort

Reminds me with Venetian in Macau

Blythe exhibition, I am never fond of this doll


my outfit that day (I was bored waiting for my mom and nobody else was in the restroom)

Crepes with vanilla gelato yumm

Random fact of Odaiba : It is known as one of the best date spot in Tokyo so do not wonder if you see tons of couples there! :) 

cute van selling yakiimo under the sakura tree

My new shoes and socks. the socks have bows on the backside

Sunday is soon over and tomorrow is my first day of school! I am always excited ONLY for the first week of school lol. I do enjoy the waku waku (?) feeling of having the first classes, seeing who are in my classes and last deciding to keep or drop the classes!



  1. i always enjoy viewing your photos! the pic with the tuna head - i didn't realise tuna could be so big!

    Chi-Chi x

  2. great editing with photoshop :)
    id you ever use photoscape for editing?

  3. お台場はとてもいいところだね。大好き ~ o(*⌒―⌒*)o <3

  4. Fresh seafood can't compare to store bought seafood :)
    Those socks with bows on the back are really cute, and perfect for wearing with ballet flats <3

  5. /

    ♩ I love all those pictures in your blog. Very nice layout.
    Clean and beautiful. ヽ( ^∀^)ノ

    ★ blog →

  6. Oh my goood those pictures are all beautiful! i wud really like to go to Japan someday><

  7. i love the adorable bows on the back.



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