Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quil Fait Bon, Daikanyama

This is the third and last part of my Daikanyama outing last Saturday :)
After having Mexican food at Hacienda del cielo and taking a walk, we went to a patisserie / cafe called Quil Fait Bon. Which is famous for its fruit tart, we needed to wait for around 20 minutes before getting seats.

I heard from Patty that Matsujun and Oguri Shun have ever came here to get some cakes.

The shop is very cute!

Left: expensive white stawberry tart. Right: Cassis orange tart

The caffe latter I ordered, the cup is very small and it was around 525 yen or something

Peco chan pose

The cheese and chocolate tart I had, I regretted ordering as I didn't like it.

Patty's tart, definitely was better than mine

If I were coming to this place again, I will definitely get the fruit tart.
P.S. : it opens at 11.00 - 22:00

We went to Shibuya afterwards (only a station away) 

I was looking for a high waisted shorts but I found this skirt instead at Forever21. 



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  2. The cakes looks so delicious! City life is the best!

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  4. lovely photos & the food looks so yummy!

  5. Great post - the food looks so tasty!


  6. Those desserts look so good!

  7. Your post makes me miss their tarts so much. I was there once long time ago. I think 2 years ago?

  8. I love your hair so much :) And I am hungry now haha :)
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