Monday, May 14, 2012

Shibazakura at Chichibu, Saitama

On Saturday, during the golden week I went to see the shibazakura at Chichibu. I took me 2 hours to go there, so far and so inaka (country side).
It was nice to be away from Tokyo for a while, although actually the numbers of people sightseeing there aren't less than Tokyo's Shinjuku lol

I was asking few people to come but we ended up going as a big group as they are bringing friends and friends are bringing friends. So much fun indeed :)

That day was kodomo no hi (the children's day)

hiked to the Hitsujiyama park, where the shibazakura is

So many people that day! and the park is smaller that what I expected. Some flowers were already dying but it was still pretty :D

Scarlet frame (?)

Hitsujiyama means mountain of sheep in English, so of course although not many, there were some sheep there XD

we was gonna go for strawberry picking too but apparently heard that there weren't any strawberry to pick anymore. What a shame... But yeah, of course it was golden week, there must be tons of people coming there.

On the way to Chichibu shrine

The wish board, how creative!:D

Apparently this drama/anime was set in Chichibu. So you basically can see the characters everywhere.

Had this gyutan for dinner! yummyy

I'm still blogging from library now. It has been 11 days since the internet at my house isn't working (with unknown reason). To live alone without internet at home is just awful. Although I'm started to get used to it. Still, I just feel so empty and lonely every time I get home. I would have gone crazy if I don't have a smart phone O.O

So scary to know how much my life is depending on internet...



  1. Wonderful photos! The sheep is very cute. ^^

  2. I always love your posts because they're so whimsical and full of lovely photos :) I haven't hiked in years, being outdoors is so much more invigorating than inside all the time anyway! The fields look so abundant in flowers! It's gorgeous! I always fail at jump photos, it's quite a shame really. But they're fun nevertheless, hehe. Aww, fluffy sheep. Looks cute enough to cuddle. I'd love to go strawberry picking, I imagine the produce to be much fresher in comparison to the ones bought in store - I just have to experience that! I love shrines, they're so tranquil and the architecture is always fascinating. The wishboards are exceptionally cute with the anime drawings :) It seems like there's such lovely weather at the moment - it's quite cold and miserable in Sydney :( Haha, being without the internet for even a while is labourous, it is quite scary, our generation thrives off the internet!

  3. Looks like so much fun! The flowers look very pretty!!


  4. Wow~ Everything is so pretty! It is like being in a magical land! : D

  5. Wow i just stumbled over your blog and i absolutely love it! It is full with lively and vibrant photos and that does speak for your personality in my opinion! Which filter do you use? It does have some kind of calming vintage effect to me! Anyway, keep us updated lovely, i am definitely following!



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