Thursday, May 24, 2012

Suits hunting

I feel like I haven't blog as much as I used to do...
My home internet has started working since last Tuesday (yay!) but right after it, I caught a cold. I have stuffy nose, light fever and caugh occasionally now. Yet, I have been attending all my classes! I'm so proud of myself  ;) I lost my voice yesterday and even still attended the first group meeting for a class. I kept silent the whole time and couldn't even speak to introduce myself to other members -.-;

Last week, I went to Shinjuku to accompany Patty finding suits for job hunting.

My ootd

Us in a shoes store

In japan you have to wear a certain suits for job hunting. (it must be dark colored with two buttons)

Had Ootoya for lunch

McFlurry for dessert

I found this at Plaza, Amelia Swell(?) They could have come out with better name -.-;

Bought this biscuits on the way home

I spent my weekend at the library doing homeworks 

On saturday

On Sunday
Yeah, I was sitting on the same seat two days in a row :D

I have part time job interview tomorrow and have to finish my application for on campus internship! Hopefully I will get better by tomorrow :D
Take care everyone, being sick sucks!



  1. good luck on your interview tomorrow! i hope you're better from your illness by then haha.. and mad props to you for going to school despite feeling groggy.

  2. I hope you feel better for your interview!

  3. Love your outfit. The shorts, oxfords!!!
    Simply Great:)


  4. good luck for the interview ! :D

  5. good luck, get well soon!!! :D

  6. Love your Outfit!! So pretty *o*

    Good luck with your job interview :)

    And I liek your blog alot~~ ♥

  7. feel better and good luck on your interview!

  8. You have very interesting blog! I like it.
    I will looking here often, so I'll add You to my friends.

    invite You to my blog:

    smile from J. :)

  9. being sick does suck! hope you get better soon and good luck with the job hunting. never knew the dress code was so strict for interviews in japan!

    love the ootd aswell xx

    Jess x

  10. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Win a Romwe dress +$50 freebies and a secret gift

  11. Hi!
    I loved your t-shirt.

    Kisses :*:*



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