Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thai Festival & Omotesando

Last weekend, there was a Thai festival held at Yoyogi park. My friend's girlfriend from Thailand was singing for the event there and I sort of promised to go see her when I met her in Thailand.

So I went there to see my friend and her girl friend who was singing on stage.

My ootd

In the train! ( mine & ohia's feet)

Sadako 3D promotional truck! very creative :D

The Thai festival

Super crowded

I had that som tum which wasn't good as there was more carrot than papaya :(

Went to the new Omotesando Tokyu Plaza to check out the first American Eagle in Japan, and also some other local brands inside :)

Virtual clothes! how cute

The rooftop

I will definitely comeback one day when it's sunny and less cold to enjoy a cup of coffee there next time

Harajuku's sky

Patty's ootd

My ootd

Ohia went home earlier so I have no pic of her ootd :( she was wearing pink too! we were all so pink XD

Had Wendy's because we were craving for chilli that day!

Wendy's chilli with french fries!!

My oreo frosty, very fattening but yumm!!!:D what a guilty pleasure


I stopped by my uni's 24 hour computer room that day because my internet wasn't working at home.

Actually now, my internet isn't working again. I'm blogging from library now...
Having internet on and off at home is killing me slowly... :( Thanks God I live near school so everytime I need internet or have to do my works, I just can go to the library or the computer room.

Speaking of internet... I watched this movie yesterday

Sidewalls, my first Argentinian movie to watch. I'm giving this movie 7.5/10.
I feel like the movie is kind of the mix between Amelie and 500 days of Summer.
It's slow paced one but the film taking is beautiful so I did enjoy watching every scene of it :D

"How can I find a person when I don't know who I'm looking for"



  1. Those are awesome pictures and I love everything you put into pictures. Always love your OOTD and food piccas~~! Write more ya when you can :) xx

  2. Your outfits are always so cute!
    And wahhhh virtual clothes? IM SO CONFUSED! But it looks heaps fun *v*

  3. :D Super cute outfits, you guys almost match. ^^ Virtual clothes though? That's so high tech haha. xD

  4. Your blog entries and photographs are super cute and creative x) lovelove!

  5. such a fun day...Love your outfitdear.
    cute look...:D

  6. Your outfit is so adorable !!

    I've never been at the Omotesando Tokyo Plaza yet !! Certainly going there after I saw those photos !!!

    And Thanks for the movie tips ! Certainly going to watch after I saw the trailer !!

    Have a great week sweetie !!

    xoxo from Ellen

  7. Love the blue brogues! Gorgeous!
    Great Pictures!

  8. ★ (・∀・)

    love pictures on your blog :) very nice layout. clean and charming. love your blog.

    my blog (≧∀≦) σ :



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