Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cloudy Shinjuku

Hello! It has been a while since the last time I blogged. I am not busy, I just don't have internet connection at home. I don't even know why my internet at home was suddenly couldn't be used. It was during the golden week so I couldn't call the company to ask.
I called them yesterday and after having difficult time conversing in Japanese on a phone talking about my internet problem ( I am not used to formally on phone in Japanese yet), they said the would send me a new modem soon. I hope it is the modem that has the problem so I can right away use my internet! :)

I am now blogging from school! from the 24h computer room that I never like XD
I've got many things to blog so that's why I am here! and actually also to do my HW lol 

 During the Golden week, I think it was Tuesday (?) I went to Shinjuku for karaoke with Patty!

Eye of the day, just some eyeliner and mascara

because regular pony tail is boring...

it was a cloudy day

3 hour just for 980yen

Happy patty who loves karaoke :)

me choosing songs
Patty's outfit of the day

my outfit of the day.

No karaoke without AKB48 in Japan...


"eru emu efu e- o-" LMAO

I was playing my my camera apps on the bus home

Had this jagabata flavored potato as snack!



  1. Such a fun day...:D
    Love your outfit dear...^^

  2. always love patty's and your style :D


  3. you have such a lovely and clear complexion; love the simplicity of the eye make-up x


  4. aaah really great photos :D LOVE karaoke ;3
    love ur eye /hair and outfit of the day
    it really looks adorable and elegant
    great blog :*




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