Friday, May 18, 2012

Dream big, think big, act right now

Hello! This is Amelia blogging from home.
Finally the internet guy came to my place the other day to find out what was wrong with my internet. He said he couldn't find anything wrong with the central, I offered him to check the one at my room, he changed my modem with the modem he brought. Yay! it worked.

I was so happy before I found out that the internet wasn't working again the next day...
Now my internet is acting weird. It sometimes works and sometimes not (mostly in the morning)...

Last last Sunday, I went to this Le cafe Retro at Waseda with ohia to have omelette rice! 

They usually have this great deal lunch menu, but unfortunately it was Sunday.
So no lunch menu :(

Ohia's was tomato sauce and mine was demi glause (?)

The best omelette at Waseda for me!

Last Friday, went to this Korean bar with ohia again to grab a drink and eat some korean chickens!

I had the cassis makkori!!XD


feel free to read or skip this long written thought of mine! :)
I just feel like I have to write this personal thought somewhere to feel relieve.

Yesterday, during my Japanese career development class, we learned about how to write resume to apply working in Japanese company. 

One of the most common question asked is "What was the greatest thing you have done in life?". The teacher asked us to brain storming about the greatest thing we have done in university/high school/ middle school/ elementary school. 

I could easily answer the elementary one with how I was often chosen to represent my school for drawing competitions, the middle school one with how I was part of my school event's decoration team and in the high school, I was still part of the decoration team and I was also year book & school magazine's team. When it goes to university, I don't know what to answer. I am part of nothing here.

I have been too busy adjusting and enjoying my life in Japan for almost 3 years. Well, to survive living in Japan alone isn't easy but it's not great enough for me.

Every time I think "I have to do something", "I need to start something that I can be proud of", I never started. Okay, maybe I did a little, I started this blog because of that thoughts actually.(and I am very glad that I started blogging). But I want to do something bigger. Every time I do flashback, recalling my old memories, I know that I've missed tons of opportunities. Regrets always come late... but I can't rewind time to go back taking those opportunities.

Soon, I will be a senior and I wouldn't be able to postpone thing to the next year (as what I always do every time). I don't know whether I will stay here in Japan in the next 2 year.

So all I can do is to make the utmost of my life here from this moment.
I still have no idea what, but I will definitely find it out soon.
(I've been thinking of starting some creative projects to challenge myself but I will brainstorm more!)

So if you are reading this, I hope you do not share the same regret like me. If you are younger than me, time flies really fast so don't miss any opportunities to do something great. For everyone, Dream big, think big, act right now.



  1. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great things. I know how you feel about regrets... I started university, but now I'm taking some time off to work. If I had kept going to university, I would be graduating this month with a degree. :c I'm 22 years old, with no college degree. But there is no sense dwelling in the past, you just have to keep going day by day! Make the best of what you have.

  2. i'm younger than you , i'm 16 y o , thanks so much your words very encouraged me :)
    good luck ^^

  3. I love korean chicken !
    Ganbatte ne ! I also want to do a great achievement when I'm in university but I still don't know what to do :(
    Hope you can get some opportunities again ! :)

  4. I'm a uni student as well and only a year or so away from graduating. I need to start making the most out of opportunities as well before I graduate and I have been trying to do that this year.

  5. I'm coming 28, a working adult now. Yes, you are right, I have many things that have not complete in the past, but why looking to the past while you are living in present. Keep move on and don't make yourself regret once again :)

    By the way I love Japan. Thanks for sharing your life in Japan :)

  6. I remember the feelings I had at 20. I am now 27, and do look back on those years w/ sentiment and nostalgia. They were some of the best years of my life, even though it was a very uncertain time. I've kept that last line you wrote in mind all through my 20s and still believe in it completely! So keep going on as you are and yes, definitely enjoy this time.

    I'm happy to have stumbled on your blog since I love Japan! Skimming through makes me feel like I am there. Will definitely subscribe to you on my reader!



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