Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Odaiba in Summer

Hello whoever still read this blog :)
it has been so long since last time I blogged.

I'm sort of giving up on blogging...

New semester has just started, I can't believe I'm a senior now, one year and I'll be done with school!
I will definitely be really busy this semester with school works, graduation thesis, part time jobs and last, job hunting.

No one knows whether I would be in Japan next year or not so all I can do is to cherish every moment now!:D

A month and half ago, when Tokyo was still warm with hot sun light,
I went to Odaiba with Patty!

As what written on the purikura, it was August the 17th and Patty got that Rilakkuma doll from the UFO catcher just in 3rd tries :D

We stopped at Shiodome first, the NTV building before going to Odaiba.

Weather was nice that day 
R.I.P Zippei brothers

Giant evangelion slide O.O

Real life sized Gundam in front of Diver City shopping mall.

There is a summer event at Fuji TV office.

500 yen token to get our curry

Curry I had, funny but the taste was just so so


a very touristy picture

Odaiba Rinkai park

Sad but I have to end this blog post :'(
 See you!



  1. Wow, Odaiba looks like a lovely place to visit in the summer. And that curry looks so cool, ha ha!

  2. hi its good to read your post again :)
    good luck with your senior year !!

  3. love the blue skirt :)

  4. that place looks great!
    hope you will enjoy your senior year to the fullest! :)
    the food looks so cute!!

  5. You make Japan look magical. Goodluck in your final year, I hope all goes well for you.

  6. J'adore! Makes me really want to go to Japan!!
    Love your blog :)

  7. Awesome pictures! Wish that I can travel to Japan one day as well, it seems to be really interesting there. And you're such a pretty girl, keep that fab blog :-)

  8. Hi Amelia~~~
    I haven't read your blog in quite a while....but its good to see you pursuing your future and having fun touring japan!i wish you the best of luck even if you don't continue blogging your wondrous life in be young and have the opportunity to roam around free expressing our dreams and thoughts is the sounding like an YOU LUCK~ you have an amazing blog!!
    ---<3 Sally~

  9. I'm glad to see you posting again!

    Your pictures are so colorful and cute!!

  10. Nice blog! I'm your new Follower! I hope you can visit my blog sometimes.. Thank's! :) Kisses from VV!!

  11. Wow! really yummy foods! ;) bet you have a lot fun there!

    I blogged about my fashion habits. You might want to check it out? have a nice day dear!




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