Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cracked Blackberry

It has been a while since the last time I blogged about my day. It's so much easier to blog about my day when I'm in Japan because there, I usually know right after I wake up whether the day is worth to be blogged or not (usually a day when I have something else besides school). Here, I do pretty much nothing and my day is not fun enough to be blogged. Even the food here isn't being served prettily and sometimes don't look nice despite good taste that I keep forgetting to take pictures :(

Today, February 15 2012. just a day right after Valentine's day. I woke up with the intention to blog about my day.

Floriestyle mini studio. I had a small photo shoot for their catalog.

one of the dresses. It somehow reminds me of Black Swan.
I can totally wear this dress, put on the black swan eye make up and go for a Halloween party!

Actually I was bringing my books, planning to study at Starbucks afterwards but apparently my friends were at the karaoke at a mall nearby so I went there instead.

Muji display from 2nd floor

Karaoke time!

Some of us, so dark

And a sad accident with no witnesses happened there. I put my Blackberry in my bag and I put my bag on the corner of the karaoke sofa. Everything was normal, people moved, changed  seats, moved my bag, etc. Later when I checked my phone I saw...

a funny leaf on the corner of my BB

But it's not a leaf nor sticker. My BB LCD screen is cracked. O.O
Somebody must had sit on my bag... I'm pretty much sure it was not me because I sat quite away from my bag. But anyway it was my mistake to put my bag on the seat and my bag has that buckle that I assumed caused this. Normally when you sit on your phone, it won't crack, rite? So readers, put your cellphones and bags away from the karaoke seat! learn from my mistake ;)

This kind of scary, poor BB!

and the saddest thing is that I have been only using this phone for a week. I know it isn't a new phone, it was handed down from my brother to my mom and then temporarily to me (since my iPhone isn't working here). I told my brother right away since I felt so guilty. he wasn't angry but he told me he was sad because he loved that phone. That made me felt even sadder T.T

Oh well, there is always a good side of every bad thing happens and the good side is: It was not my iPhone! seriously I'd cry if it happens to my iPhone, not because its mine but because it's newer than the BB and also more expensive to fix ;)

I had this Taiwanese chicken snack with grass jelly drink :) 

a picture of my dog, she has been a bad little dog these past few days

Last week, February 8 2012. I did almost the exact thing as today.

I woke up as early as today but instead of going for photo shoot, I went out to have brunch with my friends.

Teh tarik (milk tea)

several kinds of roti


and later... at the same time and place as today with almost the same members, I did the same thing, Karaoke!

Same place but different room from today

I even wore the same top as today, but in different color XD

and had this froyo :)



  1. such lovely photos! the first one is my favorite. looks like you had some excellent adventures :)


  2. i love aerial shots..they are so intriguing to me.

    it's too bad about your bb. it looks extra sad because it's not just black.. but you can kind of see the apps! such a horrible way to taunt and make you feel even guiltier :P

  3. Damn, poor blackberry! That sucks!
    The other photos look good though! The fro yo looks so yummy!

  4. Hi there! U had lovely days..
    I love to eat that Taiwan snacks too :p
    such a lovely time!

    la femme by nadyagita

  5. i love all your photos! so vintage looking :)!

  6. your blog is so cute! i'm sorry for your blackberry :(


  7. There are many foods in this post. Yumm, I love all the food in this post including roti & teh tarik!

    Perhaps I do love eating :p

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