Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tomato cheese nabe

Last Sunday, the weather was nice despite the strong wind. I did laundry, went to get onigiri & bread for lunch from the convenience store and had them at the park.

Since it was Sunday, there were many kids playing there

I gave a little of my bread to this pigeon
later a flocks of pigeon was flying near me asking for some too

Clear blue sky

My fave red flats

I have no idea what flower it is

Spending sunny Sunday noon at a park was relaxing :)
I think I'll spend more time at the park from now on, when it gets warmer

At night, I went to friend's house for nabe! :) Tomato cheese nabe! It was so good!

Almost done

Nom nom nom

round 2

It was a friend's birthday celebration too

Some of my friends who live quite far needed to catch the train home so they left earlier, leaving me and some others people who live close by.

We had this with umeshu

we were playing with instagram

starting to get sleepy

busy signing up for instagram

group picture, I love these people :)
missing the time when we were all living under the same roof

I need to study for my exam later, my last exam for this term, see you!



  1. Looks like such beautiful weather :)
    That nabe looks soooo goood ;___; I love how you went for round 2 hahaha! Yumm! Aww, the group photo looks so happy :) Best of luck on your exam! :D

  2. i love all your pictures! they look like cute little polaroids.

  3. wow tomato cheese nabe sounds so interesting!! makes me hungryyyy

  4. wkwkkwwk round2!!!!! yaaa!! miss using ur instagram ameme, enjoy ur life bfore go back to sby soon =p

  5. All that food looks amazing - yum yum! xx

  6. nice pictures! love your shoes

  7. wow love all these pictures, thanks for the comment ;) wanna exchange link?

  8. lovely blog <3
    mind to follow each other? :)




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