Sunday, January 22, 2012

A friend's birthday

I had a friend's bithday lunch today. (Not all my non blogger friends know that I keep a blog so to honor their privacy, I'm not gonna write their names on my blog :D )

Outfit of the day

On the way to Baba, it was raining lightly today that I decided to wear boots

I met up with the birthday girl at the station. The other friend has not arrived yet so we went into the restaurant first. Since it's Chinese new year tomorrow, we decided to have Chinese food!

What the birthday girl ordered, She also ordered mapo tofu rice that I forgot to take picture of :D

The set menu I ordered, She Zhuan styled chicken. It was too salty for my liking.

So many dried chillies!!

Another friend came and we took a group picture :)

The chopsticks' cover. Dragon print, and this year is the year of dragon too.

Xiao Long Bao that my friend ordered.

We went to Bigbox's game center to take purikura! I haven't been there for a while and they got some new purikura machines

Happy Birthday! :)

Right after that I parted with them as I needed to study for tomorrow's exam! The cafe I wanted to study at was full... I was gonna go to find another cafe when I spotted this blouse...

I fell in love with the scallop collar at the first sight ;)

Because the shop was offering an additional 20% off for the sale items for anyone who purchase more than 2 items (awesome marketing tactic btw), I decided to get this top bellow, that I didn't really want actually...

Today was Sunday, most cafes were either full or only smoking seats were left. I walked towards home while searching for an empty cafe to study and I somehow ended up to study at my uni's cafe.

I prefer cold drink, even in Winter

I got distracted so easily by my iPhone. I think I used 1/3 of my time there by playing with my iPhone...

Procrastinating proof #1 : My seat has a garden view lol

Procrastinating proof #2 : My Rilakkuma loves to drink coffee

Procrastinating proof #3 : it started to get dark outside

Procrastinating proof  #4 : tired of studying already

Too bad the cafe closes at 19.30 so I needed to leave before finishing my study

and now I'm currently procrastinating my study by blogging. I need to go back studying!!! 4 more chapters left!

Happy Chinese new year everyone! May all of you have a great year ahead :) It's sad that I'm spending it by studying alone this year...



  1. I typed such a lengthy comment but then my net decided to crash x( All that food looks so glorious! I have cold drinks during the winter too, especially since I can only take coffee in it's icy form :P And that scallop shirt is too cute for words!

    1. aww crashing, that sucks :( yuppp!!! cold drinks always taste better!! :) thank you, I know I have to but it when I saw it :D

  2. Hi! I think your blog is pretty cool! And you live in.. Tokyo?? Would you mind asking you what's for?? ANyways, thanks for the post! :)

    1. thank you Lily, yup I'm living in Tokyo, I'm studying here :D

  3. コーヒーショップで勉強するのは大好き~!


    1. 私も、家で全然勉強できないから(笑)、ありがとうね!^^

  4. Your outfit is adorable!
    And I love the scallop collared top *__*! It's so pretty. And ahah, I also drink cold drinks in Winter too! I don't really like warm drinks that much :S ! But yes! I seem to procrastinate a lot ..with the distraction of my iphone :P

    1. thank you!! cold drinks indeed taste better than hot one :DDD

  5. Love your outfit and all the cute photos! ^^

  6. i really like the pink blouse :)
    and your rilakkuma is so cute :3

  7. Such a cute outfit, love polka dots. <3 I like the blouse with the scallop collar very unique and your photos make me want to go out and have more adventures. Rilakkuma! Is that a pencil case?

    1. Yup, it's a Rilakkuma pencil case :) you should go out more! I'd like to read your blog about your adventures :D

  8. omg I would have picked up that blouse as well!! You guys are all so adorable :D

  9. awww your outfit is adorable!! i love your red coat. the food looks yummy & very spicy!!

    ahhh the Rilakkuma case hehehehe super cute
    i prefer cold drinks all yr round too! ^^

  10. I'm in love with your polkadot dresss *_* And all of your other purchases!! <3 And the rilakkuma photos made me laugh xD

  11. Seems fun there! :) Hmm yummy food, you make me hungry :D

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  12. Love your outfit post ;)

  13. such a cute outfit! love love love!

  14. You have acute blog. I am following you now. It must be alot of fun to live in Daikanyama! Lisa



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