Friday, January 20, 2012

First snow in Tokyo

It's snowing in Tokyo today. Although the snow does not pile in my area... T.T

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was checking the weather forecast, Twitter and Facebook. 
I was so excited to see the snow sign on the weather forecast. And even more excited after reading friends' tweets and statuses about snowing in Tokyo and some even posted pictures!!! I couldn't wait to go out and see the snow with my own eyes!! (but later I got disappointed right after I stepped my feet outside)

 I love the snow/rain sign :)

View outside my window. I'd rather call it sleet than snow. 雪じゃなくて霙だよ~ boo~

I had this for lunch, tomato chicken soup

No school today, but I still went out to check out whether it was really snowing or not outside and of course to study for my finals at the library.

outfit of the day; thinking that today must be cold coz of the snow, I wear a lot

Face of the day

I was disappointed to see that there's no snow anymore, not even sleet. 

one thing I discovered today; I love taking picture under my transparent umbrella

I went to student coop to get a drink and spotted this kawaii things


Waseda teddy bears, def I want one for my graduation :)

It started to snow again when I was walking towards the library :)

The central library, my fave place to study

Studying time!

Crowded library, only during final period

What I did when I was bored of studying

I wanted to print my assignments today but then I realized that I forgot to transfer the file to my flash disc T.T oh well, I'll print them out tomorrow before the class.

I went home after few hours studying as I was tired and hungry. Need to study more tomorrow! (sorry for the boring post today, my days are boring and will be boring until the finals end)

Had the same soup for dinner, but I added some cabbage and sausages yumm

New york cheesecake sandwich ice cream for dessert, I didn't really like it



  1. Like thepictures and I can tell you that theres alot of snow here in sweden..:)

  2. I want to go to Tokyo!!

    P.s I've international MAC cosmetic giveaway in my blog...Check it out!

    x H

  3. tomato chicken soup looked yummy :)

  4. you always have food pics! they all look yummy!!
    all the best for your exam! :)

  5. I thought it'll snow continously but it seems the other way around, it's raining more. XDD

  6. meee aku suka puol lo mbe foto2mu!
    ini ngedite pake apa? instagram ta? xD
    anw, love your umbrella <333

    1. iyaaa mel, itu pake instagram hehe
      thankss :D

  7. Lovely pictures! Can't wait to go to Tokyo one day!!


  8. wow nice!! it snowed for the first time here in New York too! well, we had more snow than what your pics show though LOL we had about 2 inches and i had to go outside and shovel!

    lmao, that new york cheesecake looks nothing like the real thing and it does look really unappetizing ;o;

    alex @

  9. I love your transparent umbrella! :)
    We just started having a good amount of snow
    in Toronto and I'm not sure how long it will last...

    your outfit is very cute. I love your yellow cardigan :)



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