Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thai trip part 1 (BKK -> Pattaya)

It was my first visit to Thailand and I was surprised how it took quite long to go to Thailand by plane (3H55M) I always thought that Thailand is so close, but apparently not.

Thailand is such a nice country. I fell in love with Thailand and def would like to go back :)

pretty clouds!

Mr. Breakfast ;)

On the second day, we rent a cab car for a whole day to go to Pattaya, before that we went to ancient city which is located near Bangkok.

I couldn't ride a bike proparly and got a lot of practice at the ancient city

It has mini floating market too instead.

We were planning to go to nongnook, a botanical garden near Pattaya but since our travel company left her phone at the ancient city and just realized it quite long afterwards. We wasted 2 hour to drive back and forth and no time to go to nongnook :( but this can be a reason for me to go back to Thailand again in the future!! :)

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant on a deck by the sea

The papaya salad (somtum) which is my fave Thai food ever!

Tom Yum kun

Pattaya floating market.
It is full with souvenirs shop and ... Chinese tourists! lol
I heard that it was the shooting place for a Korean TV show, Running Man, so Nichkhun has ever been there!! (I didn't watch running man but it was nice to hear that)

This coconut juice is so good!

We did a quick stop to see Pattaya beach which was not special. lol

Then we headed to watch Alkazar show, the famous lady boy show. Caution: All they girls there are not real girl regardless their beauty

After the show, they all rushed outside for photo session with audience. They were waving their hands to call you to take picture with them and of course you need to pay afterwards.

I took picture with those 2 girls, they are pretty but their voices were scary lol



  1. wow absolutely wonderful photos :)


  2. wow your trip to Thailand looks awesome!! can't wait to see the rest of your trip. i hope to go to Thailand one day. food looks so yummy!

  3. I love Thailand. I love the little islands and also Bangkok. Bangkok has amazing shopping.
    Haha I remember those shows. Those ladyboys are gorgeous! I envy their beauty

  4. I've never been there ! :(
    Seems like so much fun in Thailand ><
    Great pics anyway :D


  5. I love thailand! it's so pretty there! looks like you had a lot of fun! i haven't been to thailand since i was 7, i miss it ):
    Krissy xoxo

  6. I love the temples, and the food looks pretty good too.

  7. i love thailand too! seems you had so much fun there... and i love the pictures :)

    Hei Echa!

  8. I have been to Thailand before but it was so long ago - these photos of yours has really jogged my memory! I love your blog, and it has been a while since I followed anyone but i had to follow yours because it makes me feel like i am on holiday. Cant wait to read more! xxx

  9. Wow! I have never been to Thailand, but would love to go!

  10. ooh, it looks so pretty there, i have never been there, but wanna go there once ^^
    that coconut juice looks really yummy ^^
    wish you nice day ^^

    1. you have to go to Thailand and have the coconut juice, it's really good! esp during hot day :)

  11. I'm so jealous. It seems like you're traveling a lot! I want to go to Thailand sometime. I heard it's beautiful and also cheap over there..

    p/s: It's not fair that the lady boys are prettier than me :'(

    1. I know!! they are so pretty :( they had a lot of surgery done though haha
      Thailand is great, you have to go there someday :)

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  13. wow~ Great photos..
    I want to go to Thailand sometime...
    I think.. it was the shooting place for a Korean drama City Hunter...xoxo


  14. Your trip looks so much fun! I've always wanted to go to Thailand! And the food looks sooooo yummy! @_@

    I'm loving your blog and your adventures so consider me a new follower! Hehe

    Check out mine? :3



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