Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cafe and Cappucino

It has been a while since my last on-the-day-blog-update :)

How I look exactly like this morning. My hair is so thick and it's hard to arrange it, I need a haircut... again.

Went for a medical check up although I always feel that I'm perfectly healthy, it's good to know for sure.

I re-read After Dark - Haruki Murakami and found that this line is pretty interesting.

Mangosteen! Have you ever had it?


Went to try a new cafe called De gourmand with friends at night. It's still new, doesn't have many choices of both drinks and food but I'm loving the interior at atmosphere. They were playing classical music all the time and even write "toillette" instead of "toilet". I feel like, I was in Europe. haha

The cappucino I ordered

I felt like I was louder than usual today, most likely because I'm having caffeine which makes my heart beats faster? XD and also mostly because I could only see the girls one more weekend before leaving :( Gotta have great time with them.

I found myself pretty weird, how I could be like a total different person in front of stranger, friends and close friends ;)

Some people were playing cards and we were trying iPhone's camera apps XD

I don't know why everyone is looking sad in this candid picture! and this is the only picture that was filtered with photoshop, better quality than iPhone's app but less convenient. 

I still think Instagram is still my fave among others iPhone camera apps! ;)


And the latest Apple IOS 5.1 for iPhone has Siri in Japanese. I notice the Japanese Siri doesn't have as many vocabularies as the English one but she is super polite and cute! XD

The last answer of Siri reminds me of Kazeifu Mita!



  1. your hair is so thick it's hard to arrange it, you say?? wow, i soooo wish i had this problem! ;) xxCathy

  2. I love mangosteen!
    I've yet to update ios5. Need to do so soon.

  3. Yummy .. mangosteen ♥
    I follow you :)



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