Friday, March 9, 2012

Thai trip part 2

Thai travel diary part 2 :)

DAY 3:
Woke up in the morning, getting ready to check out and head for breakfast before that.

Mr. Ape for today

Prof. Salad
Buffet breakfast is so much fun when you think about not what you eat, but also what makes you plate beautiful :D

We took the cab to check in to another hotel, a better hotel which is right next to Platinum mall. I had the funniest taxi ride ever! The driver couldn't speak English and still he tried to make conversation with us in Thai, we just laughed a lot trying to guess what he meant. Apparently he wanted to know where we come from! And he was guessing that we were from the Philippines, you are wrong Mr. Taxi driver ;) 

Bangkok traffic is bad and it has colorful taxis!

View from my hotel room

Traffic jam at night

DAY 4:

Spent the whole day shopping at pratunam area

I met up with my Thai friend at big mall called Central World which is only around 6 minutes walk from my hotel. Although it was my second time meeting him in person, I've known him for many years, to be exact since I was in high school, during the no-privacy-social networking sites & MSN era (lol). All started because of talking about lomography, we even exchanged postcards and films long time ago. He brought his girlfriend along and it was nice to see them! :)

right in front of central world
We had dinner at a modern traditional Thai restaurant and although they both were on diet, they ordered a lot saying that I needed to try many kinds of Thai food :)

longan tea

Fried chicken wing, the serving was really cute!
They brought me to Khaosan road to look around and drove me pass by the grand palace at night from the car.

Khao san road

with the girlfriend :)

I hope I can see them again someday, whether in Japan or Thailand again :)

I went to apply for Chinese visa this morning. Before going back to Japan, I'll be in Hong Kong and China for 5 days. Time seriously flies, I can't believe that spring break is almost over and reality awaits me. これからもっともっと頑張らなきゃ!



  1. You are so lucky dear..
    I hope..i can around the world like you....:(

    Enjoy your trip dear..xoxo^^

  2. so cute! love these photos. make me want to travel again. i like your buffet funny the faces you made on your plate hahah~~ ^_^ have fun in hk and china!!


  3. Whoa girl, you travel really often, eh!
    nice shots btw :)

  4. did you take all the photos with your iphone? all photos are so great! have a nice trip in hong kong and china :)

    The Blog of Nidya Indah Utari

    1. yes, I took all the photos with iPhone, 4S' camera is great. Thanks :D

  5. nice photos ♥
    wow thailand is amazing

  6. Hi Amelia! Great post.. really want to go to Thailand now! Also, I seriously love the photos you take. May I ask what camera you use?

    1. Hi Anon, I'm using iPhone 4S and all pictures were filtered by Instagram, some got a little touch from Photoshop too :D

  7. Lovely pictures!! Looks like such an awesome trip! And you're going to China too? lucky girl! I need to go travel again too!


  8. Oh wow this is so cool! I hear there's great shopping there. Would love to go to Thailand someday.. And actually eat real Thai Cuisine.. haha!

    Kisses! xxx

  9. so much fun there :)
    aaa seems so yummy , isn't it ?

  10. I like how your food is always so cute! Makes eating it much more enjoyable than it already is :D
    Looking at your pics make me miss Bangkok so much. I need to do a major shopping trip there soon. I miss Chatuchak Market!
    Enjoy HK and China!



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