Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last Saturday night

I had dinner with all my high school best friend who are currently in town last weekend :)
It was also a surprise happy graduation party to one of us, Anono who graduated the earliest among us! since she went to uni in Aussie, none of us could attend her graduation and this little surprise is all we could give to her.

Pretty candles that were prepared by Tante :D

the girl of the night! Happy graduation Anono! (I know you read my blog sometimes)


Anono with Peco who ran away for 15 min from her bf on her 4th month anniversary date to join us :D



Some of the food we ordered. Btw, we had dinner at De Sushi, a Japanese restaurant at Lenmarc. 

Monza Sushi, Sushi with cheese! unavailable in Japan! lol

Tuna sashimi, I love Tuna but not this tuna. So not good T.T. I miss Japan

Avocado Salad

I forgot what this is called
Actually more food were coming but I didn't bother to take pictures anymore. :D


Went to karaoke afterwards and according to my history, it was the craziest karaoke time I've ever had! We were like dancing imitating the video clips of some R&B songs we chose, it was embarrassing but still okay, until the karaoke staff passed by our room and laughed seeing us dancing like crazy from the little glass window on the door. Then I noticed more and more staff passed our room to take a glance! The first staff must have told the other staff. haha

Btw do you know that the word "Karaoke" comes from Japan? Kara means empty and Oke is a shortened form of orchestra :)


Last picture of us that day, I love these girls :D

My holiday is ending! I received my grades last week and they are not surprising, my prediction was right. I got one G, for a Japanese class that I stop attending in the middle because ummm... I dislike the teacher, a silly reason to drop a class rite? lol. Anyway failing in my school doesn't affect GPA and won't appear on official transcript (weird system, huh?). And soon it's time to register for new courses. I'm currently having headache arranging my time table and not  many classes suit my interest! boo!



  1. How lovely, what a cute and intimate celebration :) I hope you enjoyed your night! Bahh sometimes teachers can be frustrating, I used to not show up for a lecture for the same reason, but managed to pass the unit quite well which proves how much we can work around the problem :) I did not know 'karaoke' derived from Japanese! Wow, cool :D

  2. Wanna back to hometown faster ! I miss my friends :(


  3. Wow! : D I love you gals. You seem to have so much fun. I miss my friends too. ^ ^ Hopefully I can go back and visit.

  4. great pictures.. :)


  5. I like this post so much!!! These photos are amazing!!!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
    Enter the Romwe giveaway on my blog!

  6. Aww this post is awesome!!
    I wanna have an all girl's day out where we dance like crazy to random songs hehe

  7. Looks like fun. I love the food pics!

  8. lol this is so cute! sounds fun and the food looks so interesting! the last pic of sushi looks good :)


  9. just read it now ameme, i really love the surprises and sweet celebration... wildest karaoke time i've ever been with :)
    thank u so much love
    really can't wait till the next time i see you again <3



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