Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow in Tokyo, this time for real

I don't know why but I feel so tired today. I t was hard to me to concentrate during my classes and my eyes are so tired although I had enough sleep yesterday. Good that finals are almost over, I only have 2 more exams left, a presentation, an art/creative project and  a group report.

lazy outfit for today. My bangs is long now

lunch: chicken misua soup with broccoli, cabbage and tofu; super healthy!

Despite the tired feeling and heavy eyes, I left home earlier today, just to look at the snowy way to school. It's rare to snow heavily in Tokyo and yesterday was snowing quite a lot. Seriously I don't mind coldness if everything is so pretty in white. Tokyo, please snow more!

Slippery icy road

that old lady was feeding the pigeons

somebody made this lonely snowman

so pretty! I feel like I was not in Tokyo. this view made my day

the snow covered the flowers


the statues in front of the library

I was bored during the class and took this picture of 2 Rilakkuma heads

Now let's playback to yesterday, Monday night, 10PM when it just started to snow. I knew that it was going to snow from the weather forecast but I was underestimating the snow, thinking that it would be just light snow and wouldn't pile anyway. But then when my friends on FB started to update their statuses and post pictures, also after a text from Patty, I believed that it was snowing for real!

Took this picture from my balcony

I went to the supermarket, just because I wanted to experience walking under the snow

I should have worn boots lol

the view when I got out from the supermarket, more and more snow!

my feet steps

Sweet couple walking home, they look warm :D
My umbrella after my snowy night short walk

I acted like a crazy happy kid who had never seen snow, walking around my neighborhood while taking pictures :)



  1. I wished it snowed here in Sydney! I've been to the country capital where it does snow, and its sure is beautiful! I've heard the snow in Sapparo is enchanting, have you had the chance to witness it? :)

    1. yuppp snow is indeed beautiful although my korean friends hate it (it must be because they've seen more than enough already XD )

      I went to Sapporo 2 years ago! Sapporo was beautiful! I went to the annual Snow festival and it was so much fun. But I was freezing to death lol

  2. Wow, the snow covered streets and flowers look so lovely! I hope one day I can see snow too~ I've seen snow on the ground when I went snowboarding in Melbourne, but I've yet to experience snow falling from the sky ^^

    Keep warm, and have a good day <3

    1. thank you :) snow falling from the sky is really pretty! hope u can experience it one day :D

  3. Yay! your umbrella was covered with snow!
    It's so lovely!

  4. It looks awfully cold dear! Hope you're keeping warm enough! ><;

  5. ahhhh i love watching at snow xD but it gets slippery the next day lol

    1. yes, it got slippery the next day and I heard it caused many road accidents! many people slipped and fell too

  6. The snow looks so pretty! I, like you, am from a country (Malaysia) where it doesnt snow at all! But I can hardly say I'm a fan of cold weather... :( Anyway, stay warm darls! :)

  7. all the photos are pretty! esp the road covered with snow and ur umbrella covered with snow... I love them a lot!!

  8. Cute photos, you really captured the beauty of the snow, and I really love your skirt!

  9. Ahhh i would like to live in a place like this someday *0*

  10. Really cute outfit, love your blue sweater! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  11. I like these photos so much! This is such a cool post!

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