Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shinjuku with the girls

At first, the plan for today was to have nabe at a friend's house. But because she suddenly changed her flight and needed to fly back to her home country at night, we changed the plan to have lunch at Shinjuku instead :)

No mirror outfit picture today as none of the pictures I took were nice lol. And I wore the same dress as what I wore on this day

Navy blue bag + shoes. But I ended up not wearing the shoes.

I love how my dress' collar shows up even when I wear my coat

I met up with 3 of my friends at Shinjuku and went straight to have lunch at an Italian restaurant which I forgot the name. It was under Zara's Shinjuku, JR higashi guchi exit.

Garlic tomato pasta

Cream Bacon Pizza

It wast kinda hard to cut it

We also ordered this yummy pumpkin tarts!
it is cute how they serve each of ours on the different color of plates

tart close up

It came with a drink, mine was tea with milk

Another friend and Patty came to join us. We went to a hat's store because my friend who was going to fly home needed to get a hat for a wedding party. We went to karaoke afterwards (karaoke again lol). I think I started to like karaoke now although I'd never sing a song alone XD

The new Karaokekan at Kabukicho is the best! the room and equipment are so nice and new

South east asian group lol

East asian group lol

Our room was on the 8th floor and it has such a nice view of Shinjuku!

It has cool lights too

though we ended up turning the lights off coz it hurt ours eyes

It started to get dark

People crossing

Beautiful night view
2 of my friends needed to leave earlier before we were done with the 2-hour-karaoke. 4 of us left and we parted to go home after the karaoke.

Before going home, Patty and I went window shopping for a while and we had this cheap Chinese food for dinner.

Patty's dinner


Our gyoza

The food was okay considering its price. 

Today is really cold with strong wind, it was around 2 degree C at night. I was freezing to death while walking back home from the bus stop. Heard that it would be minus one C early in the morning but no rain so no snow :(



  1. Dress collar! :D
    That pumpkin tart looks almost too cute to eat! Aww it seems like you had such a lovely time at karaoke - I haven't been in ages, but everytime I do go with my friends, we always end up paying for extra time while we discover they have more wesome tracks :D btw, I tagged you in my latest post so check it out! :)

  2. awww looking so fun living in tokyo, the food looking nyummy. wanna follow each other?

    follow me if you love

  3. Looks like a lot of fun :)
    I'd love to sing karaoke in japan, too one day :]

  4. I hope I can travel to Japan one day.. It's looks great!

  5. I love gyoza! And the pumpkin tarts presentation is super cute <3
    Great pics, it looked like a really fun day!

  6. i wish i live in japan :D nice post!

  7. loved your outfit and so many cool photos ! great food !

    xoxo from Ellen

  8. hey thanks for ur sweet comment!
    love ur blog
    awesome! <3

  9. omg japan looks so wonderful, and that pumpkin tart looks yum :)

  10. cute!!!

  11. i wanna go!!! The food looks yum and the views are gorgeous :D

    J <3
    Cool blog too! I started following you too ^__^


  12. love the lights in karaoke places, ur collar coat + the food, always look nice!!!

  13. Looks so fun, and the food makes my mouth water... <3

  14. I've always wanted to live in Japan for at least three months or so. Tokyo, in particular! But, Jakarta is not bad, either. Haha!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

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