Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ikebukuro; lunch, karaoke and shopping

Although I'm not fully done with my finals (I still got one more exam and another final project). I went to Ikebukuro with Patty to refresh my brain :) + to take some pictures for my final project :D

outfit of the day.
Scalop collared shirt
Midi skirt

I put eyeliner under my eyes which I usually don't and it gave quite a difference to my face :)

Navy coat & checkered scarf
A vintage Celine bag that my mom handed down to me
Red flats

On my way to Ikebukuro by the tram

Cute bicycle sign on the ground :)

A playground; the red slides attracted me to stop and take a snap

A girl took a picture of a guy and I took a picture of them ;)

According from what I heard, Ikebukuro is apparently an Akihabara for girls, all the anime shops are marketed for girls. There are even guys' version of maid cafes (butlers cafes) too somewhere there

The sunshine road

Rilakkuma sitting like a boss lol

I met up with Patty and we went for  lunch right afterwards. We decided to eat at  (Pa) Harenohi at the 7th floor of Parco department store.

Patty with her colorful nails, how cute :D

The steamed veggies that came out together with the lunch set we ordered.
too cute to be eaten! :D

I ordered this chicken curry lunch set; 980 yen

It was yummy but the portion was smaller than what I expected. It was enough and filling but not satisfying (I eat a lot these days lol)

the lunch set comes with a soft drink too

Patty with her lunch

and as usual hanging out with patty always includes karaoke! I usually don't go to karaoke as I suck at singing and I am embarrassed to sing in front of people. But Patty and my high school friends are the only exception. lol

The karaoke equipment was old.  I love the colorful blinking lights though.

We went to Zara afterwards and these are what I bought:

Skinny jeans and shoes; each 1990 yen
I love final sales :)

Bought this top for my mom. I hope she'll like it :)

As Patty got homework and school early tomorrow morning, we went home early today!

I couldn't hold my craving for fast food and bought this on my way home.
Burger King's Cheese nachos whopper jr.

Because I was still hungry afterwards...

Inari sushi from nearest supermarket

This year, somehow I feel winter isn't as cold as it used to be. I think I prefer winter to summer now :)



  1. * o * your top is so cute! I'm a sucker for scalloped edges. The curry looks yummy and the veggies in the lil steamer!

    1. Thank you :) and yup, the curry and veggies were delicious!

  2. lovely post, the shirt is so cute! x

  3. Butlers cafesに行ったこがあるの? 私は、まだないけど行きたい!^^

    1. 私も行ったことない、でも行きたくない :p lol

  4. Oh my gosh that Rilakkuma is massive! Lovely pictures & adorable outfit <3

  5. thanks for the lovely comment :) I'm following you now. hope you'll follow back :) big kisses from

  6. rilakkuma is so cute and i wanna hug it. haha~

    the shoes you bought in zara is lovely.. ^^

  7. I love all of the pictures, and also love your style because it's very nice and sweet. Heart it a lot <3 anyway I'm following you now, maybe we can follow each other? :) thanks!

  8. I really love your style *u* You inspire me! <3

  9. Nice blog, it's so cute! :D
    definitely going to follow

    I love that scalop detail on your collar of the shirt


  10. aww it's so sweet of you to think of your mom!
    your eyeliner looks nice on you! your outfit is soo adorable, as usual :)
    looks like you had a lot of fun! <3

  11. eeep the scallop shirt is adorable! and i loved the pictures, very cute:)

    Rosie Anna

  12. I want to steal your first outfit so badly! Adore those Zara shoes as well. I'm thinking of getting a similar shade of suede flats!

  13. Adorable outfits!! You have some seriously awesome accessories~

  14. Hi, Amelia!
    very cuuuute red shoes!!!
    Bamboo steamer vegitables are my favorite!


  15. hey meowsypants,
    your blog is kind of loverly jubberly.
    I enjoy your photos uh-lot!

    ex oh ex oh

  16. You are so beautiful. Really. I love your pictures. Amazing! <3<3<3<3

  17. The shirt with the scalloped collar is so pretty!
    The food looks so good, I'm really craving a hamburger now ^^
    I also prefer winter over summer, I get so lethargic in hot weather...

    Good luck with exams, have a lovely day~

  18. Omg. I want to go here *_*!
    And I agree! I don't usually put bottom liner on, but when I do ..I look so different. Probably because it's more of a ..darker look o.o ?

    Good luck for the rest of your exams/project!
    If haven't finished it by now :3



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