Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Homemade food

My outfit of the day: I'm a huge fan of peter pan collar ;)

Actually, after I checked the weather forecast, it's said that today is only 8 degree C so I decided not to wear the sweater.

Since I've got nothing interesting to blog about my normal uni day, so today I'd like to post pictures of what I've been cooking for the last 2 weeks.

I was the girl who never stayed in the kitchen or touch the knife before. I started cooking when I first came to Japan. At that time I remember I often failed to cook and sometimes I had to throw them away. Even now, I still remember what the first food I failed to make; cream stew. Everyone in the dorm used to laugh to hear the story of me cooking the cream stew. Anyway I didn't give up as I enjoy cooking and believe that I must have inherited some of my grandma's cooking talent. Now, I'm so much a better cook although I still have no confident to cook for others ;)

Nasi goreng / Indonesian fried rice

Japanese taco rice

Kimchi fried rice

Kimchi ramen with egg and ham.

Strawberry yoghurt

Beef stew

Kimchi nabe

Kimchi nabe with rice and nori

I recently started to take picture of food that I  make  and it is actually such a good idea, I am now forced not to only cook good food but also a nice looking one :)



  1. わぁ!おいしそう!*----*

  2. Aww the kimchi fried rice :)
    Everything looks so homely and delicious!

  3. oh gosh girl!!
    You're making me soo hungryyyyyy. I want to eat that ramen.. NOW. :( hhaa

  4. LOVE IT!

  5. THAT is actually a brilliant idea hun! Im a bit of a novice when it comes to cooking but if you're snapping up your creations and sharing them it would definately push you to try new things! Your creations looks so scruptious too! Well done hun ^_^


  6. That is such a cute outfit!!! I love it. And all the food you showed! Looks so yummy! You should share your meals! I used to be scared of cooking for others, now I enjoy it!

  7. That's a very cute outfit! I wish I can wear something like that however I live in a tropical country.

    All the food you posted looks yummy!!! You know, I should learn from your determination to cook. I don't know how to cook but I really want to learn how.

  8. seems like delicious foods..
    cooking always come with a practice. you can do it. ^^

  9. Ameme! your food really look nice!
    should have tried once when I was there! :p

  10. your food photos are making me hungry!

  11. lovley outfit ^^ you look very pretty :)) and that food looks so so yummy :)
    cook need practice but from photos it looks like you are very good in kitchen :)

  12. All that food looks delicious!
    Love how you've got the collar poking out of your sweater. Outfit looks incredible.

  13. Oh the kimchi nabe looks deelicious!

  14. love home cooking!! looks so good! esp the taco rice ><
    I'm also fond of the collar too! i just got on recently :D

  15. waaoww I love your outfit and your blog <3

  16. Thank you so much for your nice comment. Your blog is awesome. I love your food photos. *__* And your outfit is also adorable! Now I'm a new follwer! <3



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