Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walking to Ikebukuro

Can't believe that it's almost weekend already, time seriously flies! and I will be having finals next week.
I only have 2 more weeks being a junior!!! xD

Friday, July 6

I went to Ikebukuro to shop with Patty who I haven't seen for quite  a while ;)
I took the tram as usual to get there.

Outfit of the day.
Mint dress from Floriestyle
Had Yasube for lunch, my favorite tsukemen ever!
As you probably have read from this post

Hanging out with Patty means karaoke!
We go this tiny and old room, I definitely won't go back to that karaoke again.


Where's Wallu iPhone case at Tokyu hands! So cute and nostalgic ;)
got this stripes dress from Lowrys Farm.
 Slightly too big for me but I have always had wanted to a stripes dress xD.

Saturday, July 7

I had work.
that's all
;) lol
and work was not busy so I did enjoy it!

Sunday, July 8

I had no particular plan and had no homework either. The weather was lovely and it was quite chilly for summer that I decided to go out for a walk! :)
According to my Google map, Ikebukuro Sunshine city is only like 2km away so I decided to try walking there instead of taking the tram as usual.

I was lost finding shortcut to get there because apparently the google map didn't work properly in the small alleys. So I decided to walk along the tram's track.

There was Morning Musume's handshake event. I hardly could see the girls.

As it was Sunday, Sunshine City was filled with many people and mostly families who did bargain shopping. I ended up 

My lazy outfit :) and shopping bag. Got myself a dress and sandals.
The dress I got, I know it's silly to buy stripes dresses 2 days in a row.
But this one fits me more that the one I bought the day before ;)

The sky that day was amazing!

I feel like wanting to swim in the sky :D

I was walking home when I saw many girls were wearing Yukata (Summer Kimono). I knew right away if there must be a matsuri around and followed them...

For more pictures, details and a video, visit my project blog:
Ameliebe Project

I'm going to have a written test as the second step to get the summer intern position at the biggest ad agency in Japan this weekend....
I was quite surprised to pass the first selection actually.
Actually, I have no confident with the test. I might even can't read the questions which all in Japanese. But anyway I will give it a shot :)



  1. Hi,
    I miss Ikebukuro! I stayed there for some weeks in April and I liked too much. The Sunshine City is a great shopping mall.

  2. Ooh, looks like you had fun! ^3^
    I really love all your outfits, and that striped dress is so pretty and cute!
    Good luck on the next test! I'm sure you'll do really great! ^^

  3. i love the black&white stripes dress better , kawaii ! :))
    Every time I read your blog I wanna live in Japan more badly ><

  4. Very creative and lovely blog!

    Hope to hear from you too :)

  5. You look very nice with your hair down and wavy :)

  6. I love Ikebukuro! I have been there and love it so much!

  7. Aw cute outfit and dresses. :D
    Where's Wally! C: Used to love reading it haha.
    Good luck with the test!

  8. Such beautiful pictures! The last picture is so great. And exotic for me but hey, I live in Finland! :D I really like your blog and started to follow it! Would you like to follow me back? :) Keep in touch!

    xoxo Eeva

  9. i love your outfitt! :D

    hi dear, i'm your new followers, want to follow me back?

    thx alot, nice to know you more

  10. beautiful photos! cute blog :)

  11. you look so pretty !! nice photos anyway :)
    visit and follow my blog if you love to♥ i'll follow you back dear:)

  12. I love wheres wally! I use to like the books.

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  13. lovely blogpost, darling! a great recap. i love all the photos and you have the prettiest hair i have ever seen! so thick and healthy!

    <3 rae

    would love for you to stop by!

  14. such lovely post!
    i like your dress
    and i have just followed your blog ;)

    style frontier

  15. Looks like you have fun there :D
    makes me want to go to japan soon :p

  16. Great photos! Japan looks so fun! xo

    Swing by mine sometime? New post is up :) :)

    Jess XO

  17. Great post!

    Please feel free to visit and follow my site



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