Monday, July 9, 2012

A week's snippet

Hello, it has been more than a week since my last post :)
I have been away from blogging a while and now I have so many materials to blog about.

To make it easier, here is the snippets of my week!

Saturday, June 30

Had a presentation workshop from 1 o'clock till 6 o'clock. My group has been working on the "Rebranding Japan" task for a month and I think we did well!:D

Had a catching up dinner with ohia afterwards

Went to Tunten for some Thai food

Sunset view from ohia's room

Thai food! I miss Thailand for its food so much ;)

Some donuts from Mr. Donuts for dessert and next day's breakfast

Sunday, July 1

I had the JLPT N1 exam this day! Thank you everyone for cheering me up :D 
I couldn't answer so many questions from the kanji and vocabulary part but hopefully the listening part will help me to pass this exam :D

The university where I had the exam

Dried plum, pretty packanging, awkward slogan in English

There was this Peco chan family restaurant near the university. First time to see! If I weren't alone definitely I would so go there :( I dislike eating out alone...


A protest against the nuclear reactor in Shinjuku

My dinner that day! Bento take out from Hotto Motto

Monday, July 2

I stayed at home all days, did some laundry and cleaning.

Tuesday, July 3

Had an on campus internship interview in Japanese at school, I realized how unprepared I am to face interview in Japanese. I know what I wanted to say but I just couldn't express them in Japanese. Anyway I still got the internship as no one really wants to intern at school.... lol

classes as usual afterwards...

The most boring class I'm taking this term. Everyone is doing other stuff instead of listening

and I drew these! Inspired my Mark Ryden's paintings

Wednesday, July 4

Had uchiage nomikai ( I don't know how to translate it in English but basically we drank after finishing the workshop) and this picture wasn't taken with my camera, stole it from FB lol

Thursday, July 5

I remember I couldn't sleep the previous night either because of alcohol or oolong cha I had.

Ended up being so dead sleepy in class... I am the type of person who doesn't function properly when I am sleepy. On the chinese class, I got my pronunciation all wrong and I couldn't even think what to speak when I meet my professor to discuss about my thesis...
I googled to check and yes, alcohol can cause sleep deprivation. One more reason to add on why drinking isn't my thing ;)

Will blog about Friday and so on in another post soon!

Checked out my another blog;
I posted one new project last week!



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :D Want to follow each other?

  2. Yup, Thailand, we are know for our good food!!!

  3. the flower donut looks SO cool!

  4. FOOD! *0*
    Looks like you had fun! ^^
    The food is making me hungry! *0*

  5. awww i wish i can live a day in your shoes. seeing all these pretttyy things are so awesome!

  6. yummmmy!!! Mister Donut!!! i love their Pon De Rings hehehe

  7. Great pictures! Your blog is very interesting so I'm following you now :)



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