Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday at Sweet Paradise

Hello! It has been a while isn't it? I noticed that I haven't blogged for more than a week when I moved the pictures from my iPhone to my PC. I know it is bad not to blog but I have been very busy and lazy indeed. lol

Even now, I'm struggling writing the first draft of my thesis introduction which I have to submit in 15 hours!! I'm still on my first page and have to write at least 4 pages O.O I hope I can finish it soon and have time to go to bed.

I'll blog quick!

I went to Shinjuku for my junior's birthday last Sunday.

Outfit of the day, green!
It was the father's day!

Elmo sales man talking to a couple ;) jk of course the elmo can't talk. But so adorable, ain't it?

"the runner dog" in the middle of Shinjuku

It was hot and sunny that day!

Actually we planned to to Bitter Sweet, a sweet buffet restaurant on the top of Lumine Est but apparently it was full, we needed to wait for more than an hour and it wasn't possible for all of us, 8 people to sit in the same table. So we decided to go to Sweet Paradise, a cheaper sweet buffet.

Their sweets are okay but don't expect much for other food.

the birthday girl on the left

Group picture, there was a kind lady who offered to take a pic of us :)

We went to game center afterwards to take purikura and try our luck and skill on UFO catcher. One of us got one doll and the staff lady there gave us some vouchers of free tokens!

Playing with the free tokens

We ended up losing everything after an hour lol

the purikura


Alright! I have to go back writing my thesis. I might blog again about my weekends in few days!
Have a great Monday :D



  1. Those are such sweet and nice photos :) i reallu like the elmo!!!

  2. Really cute outfit of the day!! :) And cute purikura pictures!

  3. Super cute purikura! >U<
    Hehe, I love all your photos - I'm just staring hungrily at the cake on the plate! >U<

  4. I hope you finish your thesis in time. I like the big Elmo, I think it's funny. I didn't know there was such thing as a sweet buffet but I think it's cool.

  5. fantastic blog!
    Well done!
    Kisses from Italy! :-*

    Habanero Handmade



  6. all the best for your thesis x

  7. Heloooo~~~ Ameliaa~~
    Its been SUCH a LONG time since I read your blog and commented… I appreciate your comment to me on your previous blog~~ you are SO sweeeeettttttt~~ I HOPE YOU ARE AS USUAL ENJOYING JAPAN FROM THE DEPTHS OF YOUR HEART~~ I have been super busy with AP HELLL and the PROJECT HELLL and then now IB (international baccalaureate) HELL……….IM A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR NOW….=.=… as you have entered society and exploring the world I have to train and work hard for my last year of high school……
    LETS FIGHTING!!! Im enjoying summer as its vacation… but my summer is full of WORK…..anyways im back to reading your blog and seeing japan through your pair of eyes!! Good work with continuing with your blog!!

  8. You guys really look like you had fun at that time. So, how about this year? Well, unlike then that you were occupied with your thesis writing, I bet this year was a blast. And it is good to have a break when you are writing thesis. It can be a thesis help desk which refresh your mind!



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